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  1. He ran towards the hill and said, "Then they went west"
  2. Dustpaw wrinkled his scent, What's that scent
  3. He kept walking south and spotted the hill, "There's the Hill!"
  4. You notice that msot of the foxes were in the dens
  5. "Yeah" he said, "SHe does that to me alot, she clawed me once" he said. "I have that scratch mark still"
  6. Dustpaw nods and said, "I'll get to working on sorting herbs"
  7. Dustpaw stood up and nodded, "y-yes" he said
  8. You head south with the kit-apprentice (cue music from downtown abbey theme for this part)
  9. Dustpaw looked around "What" he said in a panicked voice
  10. "I guess you can call me Tawnykit now" he said and then remembered, "I remember that my dad led the clan South, I watched them from a hillside near here"
  11. Stone thought, I probably need to find water, but where...
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