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  1. “Something happened. He can’t talk now…” Iris said solemnly.
  2. “Lockwood?” Iris turned around and saw a holographic version of Lockwood standing there.
  3. Iris was in disbelief. “Lynx? What… you’re dead!”
  4. Iris's eyes returned to normal. "Huh? I guess so. I don't really know what came over me. I was just super mad and next thing I know things started dying." Is this what happens when Fotia doesn't "take control"? Or possess me? Iris wondered.
  5. Kamado grimaced. "You-" he winced and clutched his arm. "I don't know what you just did to me, but let it be known that I will find you, Iris, and I will kill you." Kamado snapped his fingers and disappeared in a pillar of fire.
  6. Iris smirked and pulled his finger away. Kamado's arm materialized again, but it was now a dark gray color.
  7. (Its Iris himself. he's not possessed this time.)
  8. Kamado gulped in fear. "What- what are you going to do to me?" Iris smirked. He reached out, and touched Kamado on the arm. His skin started to turn to ash, and Kamado kit back a scream.
  9. "I won't kill him yet." Iris reassured her. He walked towards Kamado; every step he took caused the grass he touched to die.
  10. "Well, you didn't. Suprise!" Iris said. He still looked and sounded like Iris, but the grass around him was slowly turning to ash.
  11. Iris looked at Kamado. "You killed him. You son of a *****." He expected to feel Fotia begin to take over, but she didn't. Suddenly the fire tethers that were holding Iris down turned to ash. Iris stood up, but instead of his eyes glowing orange, they were a light gray color.
  12. Iris turned as Lockwood's body collapsed. "Key? Lockwood?" LOCKWOOD!"
  13. Kamado laughed. “Even if you aren’t a big threat, you’re still elementalists, which means you’re still dangerous.”
  14. “I’m not afraid of you, puny elementalist. I guess im supposed to be scared of him.” Kamado pointed to Iris. Iris scoffed. “Me? How am I scary or threatening? You wiped my memory when I was 12!”
  15. “Lockwood!” Iris yelled. He struggled against his ropes.
  16. Kamado snapped his fingers and ropes of fire wrapped around Vivus, Lockwood, and Iris's arms and legs. Iris yelped in pain. "You're not going anywhere until one of you tells me what happened. Lockwood, I gave you an assignment. I was willing to forgive your past mistakes. What happened? Or are you faking to be their friends right now? If you kill one of them, I'll let you come back to me, and everything will be forgiven."
  17. Iris didn't stop glaring at Lockwood. "Likely story." he turned to Kamado. "Your 'super amazing' grandson is mute now. You're welcome! Now, what form of torture are you going to use to kill us?"
  18. "You have some explaining to do." Iris glowered. He tossed Lockwood his sketchbook and a pencil.
  19. Iris dropped Lockwood. “You… you ratted us out to Kamado?”
  20. “Lockwood, would you care to explain why the two people I assigned for you to capture are not behind bars? And why one of them is cuddling you?” Kamado said coldly. He stalked closer to the three of them.
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