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Drone Building Contest

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Ok so everyone  next competition main theme is going to be Pride to celebrate Pride month but i want to mix it up a bit more and add some more things to it. We want to see thingle like fireworks, robots and lots and lots of colour in it. We want to see you all show off support to the LGBTQIA+ community and everyone in the server that is part of it.
 Now this doesn't mean that you have to do this, you can still go with some or all of the other themes that we are doing for this it would just be a great thing to do and to show off this month 

If you want to enter please put your entries into the #entries channel this can be from things like GIFS, videos or even showing them off in the stream workshop for other community members to see and use. 
Everyone has about 2 weeks (until the 28 at 7:30 AEST)  to get this done with winners being picked at the end of this month best of luck everyone and have fun, winners will receive a Steam key for the game 

Here is how you can enter the building competition:
- Build the smartest, coolest looking or most creative drone using the Nimbatus Drone Creator.
- Create a GIF of the drone (press F9 to create a GIF of the last 10 seconds in the game) or record one otherwise.
- Post your GIF in one of these places to enter the competition:
- In our Forum
- In this discord channel
- Or share it on Twitter with #DroneCreator

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