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Flutteringstar - cunning, brawny, fawn dappled tom with orange eyes  ( @BennyInTheHeights)



Bogscar - creepy, sturdy, lavender thick striped cat with hazel eyes

Medicine Cat:


Sharpscar - spontaneous, lanky, blue cream calico marbled tabby she-cat with dark-green eyes (Me)



Risingtree - soft-hearted, scrawny, cinnamon calico leopard spotted she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice, Rubblepaw


Snowfeather - forgiving, skinny, light-grey brindle striped she-cat with copper eyes


Twistedthroat - grim, plump, dark-grey spotted tabby tom with blue-green eyes


Bearwater - doubtful, muscular, blue-cream tortie marbled tabby she-cat with orange eyes


Tawnyswoop - aloof, long-legged, crimson mackerel tabby she-cat with orange eyes

Apprentice, Coldpaw


Logstumpy-tail - shy, large, fawn-cream tortie dappled tom with dark-green eyes


Storkbright - admirable, sturdy, blue-cream tortie burmese tom with sky-blue eyes

Apprentice, Amberpaw 


Snowdusk - shy, graceful, dark-brown burmese cat with dark-blue eyes

Apprentice, Duskpaw


Tumbleseed - determined, pretty, fawn-cream calico thick striped tom with blue-green eyes



Coldpaw - trustworthy, stocky, cinnamon ticked tabby cat with orange eyes


Amberpaw - obsessive, short, light-brown burmese tom with light-green eyes


Rubblepaw - irresponsible, well-fed, tortie cloudy tabby she-cat with dark-blue eyes


Dustpaw - cold, limber, crimson cloudy tabby tom with amber eyes


Twistedpaw - polite, skinny, dark-brown colored pelt she-cat with blue-green eyes



Hopstone - tense, limber, fawn-cream tortie mackerel tabby she-cat with gold eyes



Greykit - sickly, cinnamon calico mackerel tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Ibiskit - cute, cinnamon calico marbled tabby tom with orange eyes



Ashensnout - boney, chocolate calico leopard spotted tom with blue-green eyes ( @BennyInTheHeights)


Woollyface - scarred, fawn-cream calico point cat with hazel eyes


Cypressdusk - respected, lavander brindle striped tom with dark-green eyes

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