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How to join and host Roleplays here.


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New to the forums? Need help hosting or joining roleplays? Read this topic to help!


Types of Roleplays

In order of how common





Rps, are your basic roleplay. Like ones you will find on fandom or other sites


Sims, also short for simulators mostly go like this..

heres a example 

You enter the forest, a strange figure stands nearby, it runs off


-Run back to the camp


Sims commonly have an answer called  'Type Your Own' Which means type your own answer

Then we have sim/rps, created by @Green the Fiery Fox, they are a combination of rps and sims, and mostly go like this

The host of the roleplay would give the player an answer for the character to react to, basically a TYO but with no other answers.

Sim/Rps are the most common out of all of them.


This part only applys to rps and sim/rps, sims may have their own way of joining unlike this 

roleplays always have a form

forms mostly look like this but they may have other things added!






Hosting Roleplays

I reccomend sim/rps for people who are just starting to host rps! 

please do not put rules for the rp in the topic. All roleplays must follow the forum rules

Only put rules if they are important to the plot like, a warrior cat roleplay where starclan doesn't exist, rule could be where starclan cannot be named because it doesn't exist.

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