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New niche genes - Fox genes, cat genes & more

Paradox the Fox Furry

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Now! If you looked above you'll see the suggestions for a poll, Select which one you'd perfer please.

I do love foxes, now I'll show each ability, and show you a bit more genes.


Fennec fox pattern - +3 heat resistance

+2 camo in desert (Looks like fennec fox pattern)

(Go to hot Climate for 5 days)


Cheetah or servel pattern (Dots with stripe down eye like a cheetah)

(+3 camo and +3 speed) unlock by going to savvanah)


Leopard Spots - +4 camo anywhare

(Unlocked by removing grass 100 times)


Clawed hindlegs - + 2 attack

Clawed wings - + 3 attack - The wings will be on the top corners of the wings nearest to the body, it also allows + 2  oe 3 flight.

(Find both in jungle biome in a green version of meat eating plants.)


Dragon tail - looks like a stegosaurus tail and adds +3 attack for the spikey part, also adds the big double row upright plates along the back.

Dragon wings - +3 flight +3 Defense

Has scales of the wings along with Ridgid spikes.

Dragon body / Scales - Adds +2 defence and 3+ attack.

Well... looks like scales, and has spikes on back (Does not remove tail.)


Drowning damage goes away slowly over the passing of 3 days


You have to lick the newborn baby to pervent predators from finding killing it


Some females are rouge, steal babys, and breed with males.


Getting attacked adds scars and a 20% chance of going half blind (Adds short sightedness sight)


Some females have babys behind them that you can invite into the tribe.


(I Think someone said this but....)

Stray packs that steal females and babys.


Breeding season option at start up.

(They'd breed at dry times when the berry bushes turn brown.)


Lava falls world (A volcano that errupts after 20 days) you also find the "dragon genes" there in potholes covered in dirt and rocks. (To free them click remove rubble option.) Spawns 3 - 2 Rubble areas.


The option at start up (Females gestation mode) adds 3 days till females give birth) adds 10 extra days in life span.


Broken bones when going down steep cliffs (Can be cured by selecting lift up nicheling) which moves them up from the cliff, then by clicking (Cure broken leg) they then have to sit in the same spot for 2 days.


Rouge males kill babys and take female captive.


Ability to throw rocks at birds


Killing rouge or stray nichelings makes them drop a stinky heap with 3 chunks (You must remobe useing the Remove stinky meat button or else it will atract bearyenas.)


Having full bearyena genes pervents bearyenas from attacking you ever. (Also adds where you can breed with them at any time.)


You'll have a gender of bearyena...


Hope you like it :) Enjoy and have a Niche day :D


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I like these, but a couple are would make the game a bit more ragequitty.

Fights shouldn't be able to make nichelings half blind, considering it's a gene that can get passed down to babies.

Rouge males shouldn't be able to take a female hostage if her strength or defense or both are equal to or higher than his. They also shouldn't be able to kill babies unless the female leaves the nest

Drowning damage should go away a day after you leave the water, not 3 days

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