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it seems that already people have uploaded your game to 3d party sites for free and i hate to see that i would love to see you guys make it i love the game and the idea idk how you can stop this but alot of games do take mesures i think you should look into it at some point 

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Yeah unfortunately this is almost impossible for us to stop. If a game gets popular, it always gets pirated. 😥

We are just a small Team and we rather spend our time making the game better than chasing thieves ❤️

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I have always liked my browsing the Internet, and particularly online forums, without advertising of any kind, for any sort of product, in any shape or form. Some link to a website that provides paid services with no relation to Nimbatus what so ever is very much advertising, and I would appreciate not having to find a way to Expertly Cyber Securify my mind from your cloud storage plans.

There are no regards in bumping up topics long dead solely to paste a link to one of your or your pals' money machines.

Lastly, your name and various qualifications, whatever they mean (« Cyber Security Expert » when you admittedly cannot do a thing about piracy, « System Admin ») are almost as relevant as the colour of your socks. Not quite as much, but with a few more titles I could almost believe you are not here for a shameful promotion of your business. Ethics! My arse.

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