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  1. played them demo is very great, also watch youtubers play the alpha version too. i would like to play the apha as well just to try and break the game, then report it on the forms
  2. kool i had funny playing the demo, but after i changed the resolution to preform better on my pc, well i just cant play it any more all ready reported it on the" bug form". but again i enjoyed playing will i could made so many wacky crafts it was great. my favorite bot was a world devouring worm, with front tip drills and spread rocket tower emp for weapons.
  3. Ok I did as u said but, the same problem keeps happening. do i need to completely delete the game from my computer to get it too work again?
  4. I try to start the game but get a error report saying, "Couldn't switch to requested monitor resolution" and the details "Switching to resolution 0x0 failed, trying lower one All resolution switches have failed Screen: could not switch resolution (0x0 fs=0 hz=0)" why and how to fix? Slot1.nimbatusSaveGame Slot1.nimbatusSaveGame.Meta output_log.txt
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