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  1. Entity

    Semi-rant about Directional Sensor description

    Also, why are the sensor outputs' font colors not matching the sensor areas?
  2. Entity

    [0.5.8] Aim is off with even number of beams

    Yes, my OCD would prefer that. The hole is a non-issue because you can either sweep or play with the focal point (if you have multiple offset turrets). Yes it makes using laser fans slightly trickier with distance sensors like that but then you can just not pick the +3 beams upgrade and take the +2 instead.
  3. you're welcome Honestly though, factories and decouplers should probably cause the decoupled child(s) to become independent (they grow up so fast) You should post a feature request for that and link this post (it's funny)
  4. Checked out your drone. it's not a bug. Rather a side effect of what the game considers debris. When a block is destroyed, all the nodes using that block as parent (ie. all the stuff behind it) become debris (this works the same way a logic splitter does). It doesn't matter if it's physically connected. Now, your drone... - The main drone decouples from the core using a decoupler block, and then that decoupler block is let go by the factory. It falls into the hopper. - This single decoupler is the parent to your drone and its sub-drone(s) - Your sub-drones blow that up when they land in the hopper. - Your everything is now debris because you sawed off the branch you're sitting on. RIP.
  5. Entity

    Sound block

    Features 1x1 size One input Sound selector (Alarm, Bell, Horn, Piano, Snare, Bass, Trumpet, whatever else) Frequency slider / musical note selector. Volume slider Function Plays the configured sound (probably not looping) when the input is active. Changes the color of the speaker icon to show it is active (much like the distance sensor turns green when it sees something) Plays sound originating from the block Uses you could make music, or have an audio cue when your auto turrets are engaging an enemy, or have a sound saying your factories are ready to print, etc etc..
  6. Picture explains it all. Same problem when using a fixed weapon.
  7. Set my world destroyer to delete the planet. Few minutes later, entire planet gone, only 6/10 eggs destroyed and no eggs anywhere.
  8. Distance sensor set to detect "OWN DRONE" generates false positives when moving sufficiently fast in the general direction of the sensor's beam. Needless to say this renders it completely useless. Here's a gif showing LEDs tied to the sensor flickering on/off after gaining enough speed.
  9. Entity

    Round proximity sensor

    OP said 2x2 so either they meant 1x1, they're thinking about the wrong sensor, or are using a different scale than grid squares. *shrug* I do believe all square sensors where the orientation of it matters for its function should be round, regardless of their size.
  10. Correct spelling is Resistant. Coating and Plating are actually two different physical processes of adding a protective layer to something. Pick one to describe the effect, not both. There should be a space between Heat/Cold and Resistant at the top.
  11. Entity

    Recoupler part.

    Exactly like railway couplings, yes. Multi-point couplings sound good too. Also throws a bone at people wanting struts I guess
  12. Entity

    Energy/fuel system rework

    In order to stop infinite energy/fuel cheese with factories, why not change how this works? I mean, as much as I enjoy infinite energy setups, it's a bit cheesy to have the recharge of 175+ batteries crammed into 8 batteries worth of space. Soooooo, instead of battery and supercapacitor, have these 2 block types Reactor (current batteries become reactors) same as what the battery currently does, with the same sizes, except it has no energy buffer (or a very very small one). it just generates energy, and you can run your stuff directly off of it as you can with batteries now. charges capacitors using the excess generated energy (the leftover recharge rate after providing power to guns/shields) Capacitor (current supercapacitors become capacitors) same as supercapacitor, except it can (re)charge. starts fully charged. charges using excess power from reactors. no cap on charge rate, excess reactor energy is simply dumped into capacitors. drained only when your reactors can't handle the energy demand of your systems. empty when printed with factory, requiring you to let it charge from the parent drone before decoupling if the sub-drone doesn't have reactors itself. For fuel, the exact same mechanic could be implemented. This completely stops infinite energy and fuel factory cheese without hindering the functionality of any involved blocks for most purposes (sumo still works with just capacitors, etc) It also makes capacitors more useful instead of just the thing you use for sumo or factory cheese.
  13. Entity

    Recoupler part.

    Why a REcoupler and not a generic coupler block? Then you can make snake drones without making your own bulky magnet based connectors to link the segments.
  14. Entity

    Replace block, coordinates and number logic in general

    +9* I don't know how many times I untangled my drones just to replace a block. *) still only +1 due to vote limitations. sorry.
  15. Entity

    Give Flamethrowers Recoil

    πŸ€” that... makes an awful lot of sense actually.