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  1. I could have did a ctrl z, tho honestly I dont remember what I could have done. Nope Im posititve. Like Id be changing things [not the thrusters] and not adding new ones, and when Id go to test holding W would turn me left or right somewhat since some of my turning thrusters changed to W. Its hard to replicate it tho when Im not sure what caused it... but I do a lot of tinkering in test mode going ocd about a lot of things to see how it works. Maybe Im using test mode too much before quitting and saving. I usually dont change anything for awhile, and then I spend hours tinkering.
  2. After the first couple times it was just annoying. But it just happened again so I figured Id say something about it here. Happens when your in drone build mode and go to testing a few times, I was adding some rockets and then some of my turning rockets changed to work with W. Not sure why it happens but I think it has something to do with the game auto deciding what rockets activate key will be.
  3. Wish it just let us angle our own lasers. Personally Id like mine to be parallel like =
  4. Would be nice if it let us angle our own blades. I'd like to just make them parallel like this =
  5. This is what Id prefer, might as well give us more reasons to use wireless receivers for things we separate that we still want to communicate with.
  6. I guess Im the only one not interested in autonomous racing :p My first choice was PVE arena, my second choice was soccer. I figure something similar to rocket league :p
  7. Basically I could see some use of its current behavior. Though it'd be nice if we could use them as a way to isolate signals to just whats beyond. AKA, an empty battery signal not transmitting to the whole map just the part it was attached to. Or maybe Im just using them wrong~ it just seems like when its on everything can hear it regardless. An all or none scenario.
  8. unmog

    Damage state

    I was going to suggest something of the same thing, having a little drone icon in the map shaped like your ship and little red areas to show damage. However Im not sure how thatd work with mini drones that arent part of your core... I guess it could change to whatever the camera is connected to. Doesnt sound like itd be something easy to do tho
  9. Heat seeking? god no that upgrade suuuuucks~ :p
  10. unmog

    Self destruct

    Fire would be nice, but fire takes time to destroy, even at 100 power my heater cant destroy things faster than 10 seconds, which is what the limit for timers is, which is what is currently causing me some problems... Im trying to use logic splitters now to help and thats not doing it either, not that I fully understand what I can do with em. Id like to isolate a signal to a part as soon as its decoupled and its not working Im not sure why this is even a thing, it would be better if this was normal behavior. which forum would we ask for scripting help by the way? I think there should be
  11. unmog


    Thats still a vote for triangles so +1 it :p
  12. unmog

    Self destruct

    Tiny heaters and such have 1k hp too. Which is why I think dynamite should be 1= Smaller and 2= have the amount of damage it does on a slider based on 500 increments, up to maybe 2k. Its dumb that things currently smaller than a giant amount of explosives wouldnt be destroyed by it.
  13. I ran into this similar problem with order of inputs when testing Entitys infinite generator idea. In theory it should work if the order worked off what I assumed would be... instead I think I need to add even more logic to add a delay.
  14. I remember seeing someone else say this recently.
  15. Well the way you explained it, the chassis was attached to the core right, so it basically reshaped your core, and thus was sort of like a custom core.
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