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  1. Koreme is slightly startled but feels some sympathy for the spiky bodied nicheling. "I-I would want to wast your food." she said hastily.
  2. Koreme walks over to the odd formation of rocks. " Odd." she thought then shrugged and then tried to find some prey.
  3. A while later she limped to camp trembling with exhaustion two rabbils hung limp in her mouth. " finally!" she said as she leaped onto the stump she nested on.
  4. Koreme walked around. " Why is this island always frozen." She shook her fur trying to dislodge ice and snow. " Stupid climate." She glared at the gray sky.
  5. She rolled her eyes " I'm so sorry to ruin you big moment to shine. Even though it already was." She whispered to Flurry
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