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  1. Koreme walks over to the odd formation of rocks. " Odd." she thought then shrugged and then tried to find some prey.
  2. ''I was in the right place at the right time'' she shrugged modestly yet her eyes shone with pride.
  3. A while later she limped to camp trembling with exhaustion two rabbils hung limp in her mouth. " finally!" she said as she leaped onto the stump she nested on.
  4. Koreme walked around. " Why is this island always frozen." She shook her fur trying to dislodge ice and snow. " Stupid climate." She glared at the gray sky.
  5. She rolled her eyes " I'm so sorry to ruin you big moment to shine. Even though it already was." She whispered to Flurry
  6. She scanned the island for anything of interest " Nothing new just fir trees and snow." She sighed.
  7. Koreme picked at the nesting material plant wondering when the tribe would need the defending next.
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