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  1. i pronounce niche like nIAChe
  2. not in school anymore but my sis is
  3. i want every human being thats invited i want yall on at 8:00 pm lets all meet <3
  5. im very new to realms had minecraft for a while not very good though umm i think you have to send me the invite so my name is IsabellaAthena
  6. im excited this is how il show it RRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. i love this game and im happy updates are coming out fast!
  8. (im very new and dont post much and its kinda hard for me to figure stuff out so sorry if in wrong place) set a goal and start with two animals nothing like the goal but bits and pieces of it example: to start my goal (derp snout winged nicheling with no patterns and black fur) i made the female with short snout and 1 wing the male with derp snout in inactive and no pattern in inactive it took 20 gens as a close estimate to get my goal : / and, you have to raise them to adulthood plus it has to be 2 days as baby 5 as child 5 as teen thats not all you have to make pregnancy last 2 days you have to raise your child before having another i rest my case
  9. yee

    Food Pile

    it is a carry-able but if the nicheling is holding it it'll have only 2 gems to move and drop the pile. And a nicheling has to clean it still to do that (new option) wet its paws to clean it then has to wet them again.If you don't clean it every 10 days maggots and flys will eat half of the food but (new option) eat the nicheling has to go over to the pile of another animal (not teen child or baby) has to (new option) grab a berry to bring to the other nicheling or pick up the pile and bring it to him\her
  10. yee

    More Genes!

    Dog snout:can dig and when added does 3 damage Dog Tail:plus 3 heat Butterfly wings:Flying and has less chance of mating not accepted (extra!:Food Pile can be moved and picked up maggots and flys can get into if you dont clean it (a new option) a quarter of the food will be eaten by flies/maggots
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