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  1. same. I watched her and I bugged my mom for ages to buy me it XD eventually, on Christmas, she got me it.
  2. Tie broken! both options that are 1st win
  3. Ok! i'll send her over now
  4. giving these dragons away! Both Female (Plz no exalt, I make up roleplays in my head) Pastel Mermala
  5. The tree has given me this girl https://www.lioden.com/lion.php?id=794134931880
  6. I'll just take 1st one then
  7. user is grim, and i'll make space rq
  8. yes, dat fair I take rest of em I am Grim in lioden
  9. AHH I WANT THEM ALL (green is going crazy cause they guys r rlly pretty, please wait)
  10. Green

    I Draw _____

    oh, lol sorry. Btw, already drew it, just need to color
  11. Green

    Dragon Cave

    So, this is a game I found. Its fun, and I just joined here my account (my cave) https://dragcave.net/dragons Plz click on my eggs
  12. Green

    I Draw _____

    idk how to explain it, lol. Basically not stick-figure
  13. Green

    I Draw _____

    sorry this is all taking so long, I have school and other stuff
  14. Green

    I Draw _____

    also, the stick-figure body or a different body?
  15. Green

    I Draw _____

    i'll get right to it, right now
  16. Green

    I Draw _____

    so basically, just ask me to draw something and I will try to draw it I will do this by hand and i'm not the BEST at drawing, so it'll take a while Also it might take a while cause I forgot my password to stray fawn and i can't get onto my phone to post em Welp I got my pass, can post pics now
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