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  1. 6 hours ago, gamingcookie said:

    may 5th or maybe it just counts as 6th bc it was really late in the day 😢


  2. 6 hours ago, gamingcookie said:

    ooblets 👉👈 i don't actually know how obscure it is but ive only seen sqaishey talking about/playing it, i don't have it tho 😔 it's like 20 dollar i think

    wait it's out?

    I just found it on steam randomly.

  3. 6 hours ago, gamingcookie said:

    well in that case *dies and reincarnates as human* now im alex cute single hot rich popular shy smart half demon half angle half wolf half mermaid half vampire half fox half cat has a crush on jake

    well uhhh, you made yourself, standing the same. I guess you could try alch- wait, I don't want you to become too powerful.

  4. Just now, Zixvir said:

    I once also had kittens!

    2 moved to my other house, one was given away, and we keep the first one where I am now.

    now they don't count as kittens


  5. 9 minutes ago, Katumai said:




    I once also had kittens!

    2 moved to my other house, one was given away, and we keep the first one where I am now.

  6. hmmmm...

    so background characters...


    okay, so background characters should have powers too,but only important ones. If there's a gun, it has to have a use, not fired, but a use.

    so don't make any important characters forgetable, or make non-importantt characters TOO knowable, though that's not actually a problem and can be used as storybuilding. Most flaws can.


    I think you should have a running gag.


    many kinds to do.

    1. shipping 2. a character being called something/having a name mispronounced 3. an idiot, I hope self explanetory. 4. have a meta character/something odd and the character just goes: "okay so by comic logic than this should happen." 5.

    none of these have to be done.

    if you want an idiot, I have a character idea.

    they don't have to be seen(I'm bad at art) but they could be funny.

    or have a gag be that they're so simple because they jsut wear one thing cause their shy, and then have it be brought up, but never come to a conclusion.

    This is essentially just me giving advice. Do what you want with your story, just a word of advice: good plot twists don't revolve around something that is comepletely different and you can physically not guess, or doing or not doing something, but the main plot and going back to something you shouldn't have forgotten about, and also is interesting, and memorable, but don't feel pressured.

    just do you.


  7. Just now, Polly said:

    it's a joke

    it's as long as you want it to be

    you can do anytime for as long as you want : ) 

    okay, I would like to apply for the job.

    I don't think I need any qualifications, but I'm willing to spend time on it.

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  8. Just now, Zixvir said:

    I am asking for consistency. yes.

    if you try to go out of bounds, I will add it in bounds. I will create a connection, a story. Because someone DID say that they were gonna make a video of this.

    I guess you would make the minecraft chat box (or just have it be modded) and have the dancing ramen in the background, and just animate everything, I don't know how you would do sand, but I bet you could do that and it would be funny to see the reactions in chat.

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