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  1. The more you get familiar with the game, the more drones you create. If they are about 10 or 15, it is simple to choose the one you want just using the slider, but it becomes more difficult as the numbers grow. I think it would be nice to implement some directory/category/tag system to browse and filter your drones so that you can attach one or more tags to each one, or just put the drone in an in-game customizable directory (like if it was a project file). In this way, if you want to scroll - for example - only your battle/race/sumo/etc drones, you can obtain this with just one click.
  2. I find frustrating changing timescale to 80% every time a new multiplayer match begins. I think it would be a good idea to set a default timescale in the game's options. Of course the in-game slider could be changed anytime during the match, but it would start with the given value instead of 100%.
  3. I think it would be very useful to implement an indicator of the overall weight/mass of your drone. This could help a lot with choosing the number and kind of thrusters in the drone editor.
  4. I totally agree. I love to decorate drones with skins, and this feature would add even more customization possibilities.
  5. Add Italian please, I will be very happy to help
  6. Maybe it would be nice to introduce a conditional confirmation overlay that triggers only when player attempts to "Return to Nimbatus" but his drone is still transporting resources. Something like this: "All undelivered resources in your drone will be lost. Are you sure?"
  7. It would be nice to introduce a wider set of selection tool to be used in the blueprints project. For example: multiple selection: to select any number of parts (i.e. by holding Shift) while clicking category selection: to select all parts that share the same category (i.e. "select all logic parts") "same" selection: select all parts like the selected one (i.e. if I select an Afterburner and then use a shortcut or button, all Afterburners in my project become selected) This would allow to: move/rotate/flip all selected parts as one; change the triggers of sele
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