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  1. "youve got 2, get cancer in one? one backup left, get cancer in THAT one??? welcome to cancer town"
  2. "we just jumped from radiation and mutations to ELEPHANTS"
  3. sona but it’s less of a sona than usual :3
  4. adobe animation 2 spookey version (ft squibble) (again)
  5. “Audrey imagine the centipede is gay people”
  6. two OC-tober prompts since I’m too lazy to do the other ones I missed full version vvv
  7. finished saints campaign !!!!!!!!! me after a long day of repeating the cycle
  8. I have successfully beaten riv, Spearmaster and gourmands campaigns and are currently in the end area of saint’s campaign
  9. Pancake


    any pronouns but they/them is preferred ^__^
  10. MORE DND (Foozie and their weird sad devil child /aff) also I transgendered float 😁
  11. Here’s Batsy (a character for green) (Maskless ver)
  12. ITS A GINKGO BILOBA TREE. (after years of searching I’ve found it)
  13. lalala first adobe animation
  14. say what you like but rivmand is good
  15. PUCK !!!!!!!!!! my favoritest little guy <<3 (and my what ,, 3rd D&D character I’ve shared on here ???? they’re a very nice robo bard)
  16. misc paper doodles I’ve done over the past few weeks
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