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  2. Name: Pipevine Pronouns: Any Tribe(s): Silk/sand Looks: No tail barb, Silkwing build with a Sandwing face and scale shapes, four HUGE Sandwing wings Personality: this video: https://youtu.be/L32oIPYGGN0 (hyper all the time and always trying to push people to new heights but this sometimes makes them come off as pushy, VERY stubborn) Things to be randomized: Silk Other: They are HORRIBLE at interaction with other dragons but that doesn’t stop them from trying, They can’t fly very well, TS: Motivational Lizard
  3. Also I’m in
  4. Friend is a ghost they can disappear and reappear at will
  5. Ranboo headcannon: if you stab him in the right spot on his ender side he’ll just cough up an enderpearl
  6. You ever just get the urge to draw something good and high quality but then You remember Your not that talented
  7. Also I love the fact that Karl paints his nails he looks so pretty I can’t 🌝
  8. *inhales* so if The railway Skirmish was cannon wouldn’t dream be canonically dead? Tommy killed him twice … wh-
  9. Just got hyped over a big monke and a giant indestructible lizard
  10. Cursed scary Wilbur go pog
  11. I can try and go get some more pictures tomorrow because it’s dark out rn
  12. Dream smp seed pog 5826025064014972987
  13. MOTIVATIONAL LEIZERD MERCH POG https://braxton-the-porcupine.creator-spring.com/listing/new-motivational-lizard?product=623
  15. I forgot about this tbh heres the log entry for it “The newly discovered planet’s Name is Bailey (after one of the 1639 Crew sent down to explore but sadly passed away upon return) But the scientific name is B081962 B081962 is a small planet, it has no forms of life that have men documented so far but it does seem life is possible, as there is a Water cycle and breathable “smog” about the Smog, it is said to feel like breathing slime when Documented. It seems to be a sort of Light Orange when brought back to the ship but Bailey Said she couldn’t see it when she entered the
  16. Please just take my memes playlist and leave
  17. (Cursing) https://youtu.be/Ll3IKN1nn-I
  18. What I said was a joke too i would kill the stingray and a human
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