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  1. I would like to buy all your worms
  2. *cocks gun* you know the rules and so do i say goodbye
  3. They wanted Goh to notice them, they were Obsessed with Goh and it blushed when Goh offered to catch it need I go on?
  4. Watch the Journeys Pokemon series
  5. no. you have to be not in cat cult to adopt one
  6. So someone else could take care of him because I don’t want them to eat me
  7. Err.. I wouldn’t put them in the same tank but sure! take good care of them!
  8. Indeed! Give him a good life. Of course! I hope you treat them well. No.
  9. This is Sugar and Soul Despite the fact they’re posing together they don’t like each other one bit. Sugar is very sweet and kind but is probably possessed and soul is just a demon I’m pretty sure. also do be warned, Sugar will eat your eyes and Soul will consume your flesh. This is Sky He is Very Depressed, please treat him well He likes Fingers, feed him those He’s fragile This is Cotton Candy She likes human contact, treat her well she likes Other worm’s Noses Giver her friends This is Bailey She likes Intesti
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