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  1. ok i checked and it would appear to be a 1.17 version of Optifine, that's a boring most recent file
  2. my most recent file is a mashup of Soft Fuzzy Man and Two Trucks and i would post it but i think its a tad too NSFW for this extremely youth-centered website, so i wont
  3. THE BIO THING IS BACK????? well i change my old bio heavily now
  4. "i think he killed baby villager jesus" - one of my friends
  5. NRE VOOKIR surprisingly did not press windows button
  6. thing in a kind of lore/story/universe thinbg im doing, also thank
  7. art dump of like, the two current smoke spirits
  8. i was able to grab my eggnog, its very very sweet, i like it a lot
  9. oh wait oh no how do i grab my eggnog
  10. so slippery, so frictionless, so powerful
  11. really old art from the very specific crossover i was obsessed with for like a few months (portal 2 x niche) (i specifically loved drawing the cores) also for context: a while ago i made a niche save where i recreated portal 2 characters. there was a beareyna and it displaced a lot of nichelings, leading adventure core to live with space core. (also i thought that the berry bush they shared was a dry one, but it turns out its actually a normal one ingame)
  12. so uh live2d is windows 8+ and guess what windows version i use and refuse to update from? 7.
  13. y'all want a krita file? i didnt work very hard on this, go steal it lol it was made for Live2D experiments, so every part is on a different layer, the lines, color, and shading of which has been merged together. satt live2d assembled.kra
  14. him. the boi. this is all the art i currently have of his new redesign. Name: %NULL% Gender/Pronouns: Genderless, He/Him/It/Its Species: Personal Computer/Goat/Humanoid/Unknown Birthdate: X/XX/199X Operating System: Windows 95 Other: - All his specs are unknown, including RAM, screen resolution, and the versions of all his drivers. - His files contain all his memories, and thus can be deleted permanently or transferred to another device, leaving him completely unable to recall said event. - His face is an application, and thus can be minimized, exited, uninstalled, etc. - He is unaware of the sticky note attached to his screen, which says his name on it. (but in low detail, it just has "%") - He can be shut down, and its basically just like sleep for him. Backstory: Long ago, %NULL% had an owner. Its unaware of what happened to them, or where they went, but something happened to all its memories relating to its owner. It knows it has an owner, and it wants to piece together the mystery of its past, but for the most part, it is blissfully unaware and happy.
  15. may i offer Him? (his name is %NULL% btw, he's a computer running windows 95, and he has funky antenna and fluffy goat ears. also i changed the antenna color in the second image bc he's fresh from a redesign, so i keep tweaking him)
  16. oooooo, the concept of nichelings walking is very interesting but cursed at the same time.
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