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Alternate universes, timeline 3

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1.thumb.png.679d3705d89e6c6a4c3d92c3c4fde62d.pnga Bearyena  suddenly jumps from the tall grass near the coast. Ronu, the first to react, lands a blow on the bearyena's side, stunning the great beast. Priku seeing this rushes to his aid, shocked that the crazy fish had landed an attack. The fish headed Nicheling flees rushing into the swamps, camouflaging himself among the weeds.

The heroic Anais not wanting to endanger her tribesman quietly sneak up upon the quivering monster, with a single attack to the back of its skull it falls. This development shocks Priku, as he did not expect the loving Anais to do such a dangerous thing.

In the distance, two sisters sit looking over the tribe from the heights. Grooming her bright red fur, "Honestly, they're all so nosy in the early morning.". Misi nodded her head as she untangles some of her sandy fur. "Indeed, sister."

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Well now that my editor is gone, back to me writing alone😆

2.thumb.png.c781cdd95345093e525ade69f24345e7.pngPriku gaped at Anais who smiles at him, "Are you alright?". Before he could answer rustling from the tall grass alerts them both. Out stumbling comes a bearyena cub. Confused round eyes stare up at them.

"Awww, who's a little cutie?" Anais moves closer to observe it. Priku stays close by as the female seemed to entertain the idea of adopting the beast.

A rogue comes crawling out from the bushes startling the tribe. Priku defends Anais as the rogue drool and growls at them. Jumping from his hiding place, Nuduklur helps the two fend of the unwanted male.


The next day starts with thunder and rain.  Unknowingly the tribe starts to split from one another.

Ronu runs into the same rogue from yesterday and gets into a scuffle with him. The tribes pretentious leader scurries away, "You simpletons can handle this much at least without the great me!".

The four seems to sigh together as Dukro flees from the scene. "Who exactly decided to make him leader?" Comes the grumbles form Nuduklur as she slinks into the tall grass again.

Anais and Priku share an awkward smile. "He's just joking, I'm sure." Anais tries to lighten the mood as Ronu seems dissatisfied.


The sisters stare at the spotted nicheling that came rushing to their tree stump. "Misi. Sisi." Dukro huffs out in greeting. Neither one seems impressed with the cowardly male.
"Well if it isn't our dear leader." Sisi spoke sarcastically as Misi hides her giggles in her fur.
Dukro smiles up at them.  "Indeed. You know I've been looking for a pretty little nicheling to become my mate."

"Well then you better start looking elsewhere." Misi's giggles had all but faded as she looks at the male she deemed unattractive.

"Now, Now, sister you can't let our brave leader do all the work." Sisi leans down to male that seems to puff out his chest at her statement.

"You are by far the most pretty of all Sisi."

"Oh, my that it so true." She seems to look around before gesturing to the bear that guards the nests. "Now dear leader you might want to remember to pay the fellow." Completely dismissing the Dukro's attempts at more.


Up near the swamps an odd pair starts to bond over the oddest of things. Bugs.

"Kupri, you need to know that sleepy bugs are the best." The dirt brown male nodded as he tries to keep up with all the bug facts the female was spewing on about. "Oh, the Melbery bugs are good too but they have a sting to them." Lameel looks around and spots Ronu, "Ronu! Tell Kupri about the bugs I had last time."


A few uneventful days pass.

One morning a male as yellow as the beach comes right up to Sisi. "HelOOle."
"Ugh, the common folk." Sisi leans back and taps the bear next to her. "Get the male out of my sight."

Misi sitting on the other side of the bear shivers in disgust. "This place is littered with these ugly things."

The newly mated pair sits together gathering food for the tribe. Priku flicks his ears in the direction of the sisters before looking that way, "I need to go get the rogue away from the nesting area."

Anais frowns, "Why, I was thinking we could just nest somewhere else?"
"Well that doesn't seem very safe." Anais looks of to the side, "Well I don't want to sound mean but I really don't want my cub to be around the sisters." Priku stays silent for a few minutes before nodding. "Alright we'll do as you say."
Lameel and Kupri where dealing with their own rogue male. "I wonder if he ate the wrong bug, it's spiting everywhere?"

Kupri rolled his eyes. Again with the bugs. If he wasn't so afraid he'll be left alone again he would have told the female to shut her trap. The rogue tried moving forward but Kupri blocked it. "Wooo, Kupri you're so brave. The next time I get a good bug I'll give it to you." Kupri couldn't help but let out a sigh.


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The unaware Dukro was still trying his luck with Sisi. She on the other paw peered over his shoulder at the bearyena that was clawing it's way onto the side of the river edge.

Misi was grooming herself and didn't even turn when her sister gave her a shove. "Excuse you, I'm busy." Sisi glared at her but she didn't even bother and returned to her grooming.

By now the towering figure had reached them. Dukro froze on his spot mouth open and eyes wide as he stared at it. Sisi doesn't think twice before kicking Dukro in the back, making him stumble into the beast.


Lameel meets an unfortunate rogue male and ends up pregnant. Kupri is just glad that she's finally silent.

(Was so mad that I didn't see the Rogue)

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Dukro's high pitched scream seems to scare the Bearyena off. He starts of giggling before it falls into hysterical laughter, "I'm the best!" "Did you see that?"

Misi rolls her eyes and decides if she must pick a male from these sad bunch she might as well go for one that can scare off a bearyena. Even if it's in a unconventional way.
Anais goes into labor and Priku gently helps her to the nest they build. "I hope it's a boy." Anais frowns, "Will you have a problem if it's a girl?".
Priku stays silent then smiles, "Of course not.". Unconvinced Anais raise her voice, "I hope it's a girl." Before shoving his paws off her.
Meanwhile Nuduklur and Misi ends up next to each other both equally disgusted. "You!" They shout in union. Misi huffed, "I don't want to spend the night next to an ugly thing like you!"
"I can say the same, little miss stuck up."

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As the sun rose over the horizon, mewling could be heard. The new parents welcomed their little girl. Priku seems a little on edge as he looks down at his daughter. "Is their a problem?" Came the hissed words from Anais. Priku seemed startled at her tone. He was used to her soft spoken words and friendly smile.
"Of course not, I'll go gather some berries for you."
So, is the birth of Ashheart.

"It must be your ugly face that brought it here." Misi hissed at Nuduklur as they face off against the bearyena that sneaked up on them. Nuduklur moved back and Misi panicked. "Where are you going?"

"I'm not fighting that thing." Is all he said as he dashed away.

Kupri couldn't let the bearyena run wild among them. Swiftly he lands a few blows on it.

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