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My personal wishlist


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•  I would like to be able to combine certain utility sensors.  I'd LOVE to be able to make an auto-digger using a gravity sensor to sweep lasers in an arc, but they're just too freaking big to hinge like that, and still pack in lots of lasers.


•  A logic switch (or an option on 'switch') that gives an output for X seconds output when an input is recieved.


•  Weapon control options.  I REALLY REALLY want to lock towers to a direction.  If you're making an autonomous drone it can be hell to find good weapons.  The badass weapons are supposed to be better, so they always drop as towers.  But autonomous drones can't use towers.  It would be AMAZING if towers had options like, lock to a facing, continuously sweep a range of degrees at x speed, follow cursor, follow gravity, etc.  For a digging drone, you could use this to get laser towers to effectively dig, by having them sweep (if 0 degrees is down) between -45 and 45 degrees.


•  Set small items like weapons and small sensors to circular for the sake of physics (or with the sensors, just make them circular) so that they can be rotated AND packed neatly without fucking over the physics.  (It'd be great if items that SLIGHTLY overlapped just fused, and you just refused to let me overlap items more than by just a corner.)


•  Automatically connect things that are flush against each other, or at least give me some way to connect a part to multiple other parts.  Or just give me some very large building blocks to use as a drone's 'spine'.  Big ships have a lot (a lot) of wobble. 


•  The ability to type values into text fields.


•  Rotation as one of those fields, so that you can adjust it precisely.


•  Is there a point to draining all fuel and energy tanks Sequentially?  I don't understand why that's done or why it grants a benefit, at present.  It'd be helpful if they drained all together, so each one was a representation of your resources.  (Or!  Resource bars on the drone brain.)


•  A 'camera' part, so that you can switch to viewing detached parts.


•  Do sparks collide with themselves?  It seems that they might collide and prevent each other from progressing; their usefulness as a weapon is either a bit hampered, or a bit confusing.


I'll probably have more, when I'm done breaking things later.

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