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  1. Here's how it goes. Ask a question. Then find a question in this thread, and pick one to answer. Come back as many times and add or answer as many as you like. Please try to add a question with each answer. Please try to post new questions. I'll begin by asking one of my own. What are you watching on TV right now?
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    Three Kings' Day give away

    Congratulations! Vanna, tell'im what he's won!
  3. Lurkily

    Ever Rescued A Hurt Animal?

    Huh, I haven't seen this thread before. we used to use no-kill traps for mice at home, and release them on an island park near where we live. We also once rescued some baby flying squirrels in our attic. We patched a hole in our roof, and apparently we sealed momma out. We had to nurse some baby squirrels before we could release them.
  4. Yeah. Not everything we find is normal, or makes sense, or can be discussed in polite company. (For stories that aren't family-friendly, you'll have to PM me.) Unless you were talking about the other part, in which case, yeah, that part of the job wasn't something everybody could deal with emotionally.
  5. I've been told this interests some people, so here's an AMA. I screened luggage, not people, and in my role, only what would go under the plane, not what the passenger could access, so we didn't care much about knives and such. What I won't do is divulge specifications of equipment, procedures, or anything that would qualify as "Sensitive Security Information". But I can go into the generalities of how things functioned and what we worried about. Also keep in mind, my information is about two years out of date.
  6. It looks like it's a nonviolent, exploration- and story-focused game, with gameplay based on the freedom of mobility granted by some mystical grappley thingy. It's also got positive reviews, and is free until January 14th, 10 AM Pacific time. I know it's nothing to do with here, but we're all gamers, and it's a free game, so I wanted to let everybody know before it slips away. https://store.steampowered.com/app/278360/A_Story_About_My_Uncle/
  7. You'd have to define what you mean by dead -- but I'll assume you mean remains. Sometimes hunters bring back trophies; once I found bits of antler and claw that I couldn't really understand visually, still a bit . . . messy. There were some anthropologists who brought back some human skulls - X-Ray operators got a shock seeing that on the X-ray - but that was down at checkpoint in carry-on, not checked luggage, where I worked. Beyond that . . . in my department, crematory urns were not terribly uncommon. We might see something every couple of months, and they were rarely marked. Those who worked out at the cargo hangar had it rougher; when bodies are shipped home, they go by cargo. Not everybody can work down there. Seeing a casket in shipping isn't so bad, really; until it's a really small casket. Then some people just can't work there anymore. Living things typically don't go in checked luggage, because it's not a pressurized hold, (Animals in carriers get tucked away someplace special,) but I have opened boxes to find bugs. I once opened a cardboard box, and a whole bunch of spiders scrambled out, dozens of them. Another had roaches crawling inside.
  8. Lurkily

    Bug on steam?

    Pretty sure this is steam-specific; the only way to fix it on this end would be to use shorter descriptions. From the look of it, there's relevant info in each of those descriptions, so that may not be feasible. As Jojo says, achievements SHOULD pop-up the full description on mouse-over.
  9. The biggest damn rifle I have ever seen. (Seen a lot, in the course of my job at the airport.) Their job, in essence, is to snipe for snipers. The one I recall refused to let the rifle out of his sight, and our supervisor let him back into the screening area (pretty unusual to permit) so he could watch us screen his luggage. Huge rifle, optics, ammunition, some of it color-coded, flak jacket and armor plates, and a notebook with the code phrases for that week, which I'm pretty sure I didn't have clearance to read. Checked luggage isn't accessible in flight, so firearms here are permitted with a declaration to the airlines, and by meeting whatever criteria that airline might also impose. (Probably require a license and such.) Ammunition is also okay, if declared and packaged in specific ways to protect it from accidental detonation. (Such as accidental contact with a primer if things shift in flight.)
  10. Lurkily

    Factory built parts turn into debris when rebuilt

    It's been suggested, but I can't find the post right now. I think the common consensus is that if there were any upgrades left to buy with ore, people just wouldn't use factories. Ore is essentially the experience points that you buy new capabilities with, and nobody seems to be willing to spend it on non-progress parts. (Unless, perhaps, there were an ore type used only for factories.) Another suggestion was to let the vacuum parts suck up dirt, too, and let the factory consume that to make new drones - limited, but not tightly limited, and not limited by a more precious resource. Other suggestions involved using energy, fuel, or both.
  11. I suggest that factories no longer be able to build infinite flocks of drones. Producing a new output should scrap anything previously built - turn it to debris. Right now, factories are the cure-all. Right now retrieval missions are about the only thing that factory swarms cannot solve by just bumbling across the upper atmosphere and tossing rockets downward. I think their utility is bonkers. If their ability to build multiple subdrone clones must exist, it should at least be earned through progression, and limited in some way by mass or part count, with previous constructions falling inert as the limit is exceeded.
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    Hi, Nice To Meet you!

    Nice to meet you too. Welcome to the community!
  13. I'm sure people would be responsive to a new topic, if you want to open one, about what they hope for and expect from the racing update.
  14. The racing update is in progress. That's probably a subject better reserved for it's own thread, but you can check out some updates and videos from the upcoming update over at the Development WIP thread.
  15. I know. I just wanted to touch on the times that the joke could actually be true. Sorry for the confusion.
  16. To be honest, some of the most interesting stories are less about the procedure and more about the people we meet. I've had to deal with just about everything from Diplomats, to South American farmers, to anti-TSA protesters, to Secret Service countersniper teams, and some of them carry the funniest things.
  17. Lurkily

    Development WIP

    Nitpick away. That's how vague uncertainties become concrete, addressable issues.
  18. Lurkily

    Development WIP

    Just hitting the checkpoints in time. The dance would come from changing checkpoints in time with the music, instead of changing checkpoints the moment you reach them. It's a whimsical idea, not entirely serious.
  19. I'm guessing it's not the flavor. If the scanner caught it, then it's probably just a false positive they had to verify. If it was caught with trace detection, by testing swabs, then the flavor is more likely - some things use the same chemicals or explosives that chemicals contain, or just molecules with similar properties in some ways, and they can also cause a false-positive. If it were caught at that stage, it could easily have been the flavoring that did it.
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    Welcome to the community! It's always good to have a new voice join us. If you have any questions or concerns, we have some mods around to help you out, so don't hesitate to ask.
  21. This is tricky because I don't know the foodstuff in question (plain old goldfish crackers, with cheese flavor-dust?) but we have several methods of detecting explosives. Our scanners operate largely on density, making a vague judgment of what MIGHT be the right density to be something explosive. In order to reliably detect any explosive this way, we do have to put up with a certain amount of false positives on things with a similar overall density. If I had to guess, I'd say that some of them got crushed to powder, with a higher density than intact goldfish crackers. Maybe it caught that bag at just the right position and angle to mistake it for more mass than it actually was, or maybe that cheese flavor really does change it enough to make the difference.
  22. Actually a pretty common occurrence. Dogs, cats, even a falcon once. In short, the same way we do luggage, we just have to take the dog out first. For this, at our airport, we required the passenger to be present and to handle the dog for us. Not all dogs are friendly to strangers, as you can imagine, and it's impossible to guess which are which. Without going into our exact procedure, we tested specific parts of the case where trace residues tend to accumulate - explosive residue is remarkably sticky and transfers to damn near everything it BREATHES near - as well as checking animals with longer fur to make sure nothing was hidden. (So, part of the job description is petting doggies.) It is imperative that we have the passenger there to handle the animal; if they left, we would literally call them back from the gate for it.
  23. Lurkily

    Watership Down

    Great! Glad you like it. I enjoyed it on Netflix, but the book is always better.
  24. Lurkily

    Watership Down

    So I finished Watership Down on Netflix. For those of you unfamiliar with the books . . . yes, yes, it's talking rabbits. It's also a desperate exodus, it's the last hope of a dying tribe, it's battle, it's spy craft, it's a jailbreak, it's war, it's daring raids and honor and betrayal and glory and death, all wrapped in a strange, but thoroughly believable mythology. But also talking rabbits. Watch it anyway. I will offer the caveat that it might not be appropriate for younger viewers. No blood or sex or anything, but there are ruthless, uncaring rabbits in the world, and this movie doesn't shy away from depicting them. Graphically it's a PG, but emotionally it might be PG-13.
  25. Lurkily

    Drone Stability / Drone Hull Parts

    As an FYI, the counts for similar suggestions have been merged a number of times, and the one with the highest vote count is usually kept, (They aren't combined,) so the counts on popular suggestions typically disregard the times it evaded notice and got no response. I wonder . . . we've talked about rigid struts, or added physical parts to connect pieces for stability. What if they also had limited durability, so that if you tried to prop up too much stress they'd begin to break? You'd be able to make something a little more reliably stable and rigid, but also not disregard physics stress, and have to build intelligently. The only problem I see with it is that people would be likely to prop up every part they can reach this way, which would kind of defeat the purpose of preserving the need to build intelligently. Maybe each part could have a setting to tune it's 'hardness' - and just like real life metals, harder (more rigid) materials are more brittle. (You know the old parable about the willow and the oak.) You'd be able to make rigid constructions, but you'd have to brace it with more resilient connections intelligently, and you wouldn't be able to add new struts willy-nilly to complicate physics and wouldn't neuter the reward for designing well. I know the reward of design isn't really an issue for you, as opposed to the reward of design application in gameplay. But as a development concern, any implementation of rigidity will need to consider making the engineering phase both challenging and rewarding, as well as the application.