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  1. Lisa is her name - nobody knows where she got it. I've had her a month, and she still seems stressed. She scratches too much, probably from stress, so there are scabby spots around her neck and elbows. She doesn't come out of hiding, even though she seems fine with being pet. And she's beginning to go to the bathroom in inappropriate places, even though she's been using litter properly for weeks. She doesn't seem to be getting less upset. I think my home isn't compatible with what she needs, whatever that is. The shelter is a no kill shelter, so she's safe from harm at least. But I spoke with the shelter personnel, and they thank me for trying, but also think it would be best if she came back. Thanks for reading.
  2. Lurkily

    Add a seperate Logic Circuit builder

    That seems like more than you should need to maintain altitude over your core, and for missile release. In fact, for just that, sensors alone would be capable. I do agree that there should be a graceful solution to complex logic constructs.
  3. Lurkily

    Resource container(s) spawned by factory don't fill

    That explains why I had a working model that quit. It operated by decoupling the ore tanks and dropping them in the bin. My current model can be refitted to work properly, then. Currently, the factory is spawning nozzles on a disposable array that, once decoupled, thrusts itself away and detonates the parent couplers, to make sure the array is treated as debris. It's fun to watch, though. I'll post a gif tonight.
  4. Lurkily

    Carreir Hammerhead Boss

    My main objection is the there's not much room for a crowd underground. Maybe on a world that's just a shell, with a huge underground chamber.
  5. Lurkily

    Lol, now that I am a mod...

    Don't look at me, Jbox is the troublemaker. All seriousness though, modding and alpha/beta forums tend to be administration, organization, and keeping out spam. It's when a forum gets big or is focused on something contentious (like where opposing teams talk trash) that the personality issues like you come out.
  6. Lurkily

    Resource container(s) spawned by factory don't fill

    Batteries, if you have a weapon attached to a subdrone that continually, sometimes will leave the battery dead - they need a moment not being used to recharge, it seems. I've made enough autonomous sub drones that I would have expected to notice this. I'll test tonight, and provide a bug report if I have findings.
  7. Lurkily

    Proximity sensor

    If you're right, and I always suspected that it's so, I'll leave it for the devs to reject it, and be content. But the whole point of this tracker is to provide them feedback on what's important to the community, not what the community thinks is easy.
  8. Lurkily

    Lol, now that I am a mod...

    Maybe we should hire some troublemakers to come in and start breaking rules.
  9. Lurkily

    Proximity sensor

    That's why I mentioned the algorithms in use out there for grouping large masses into small, discrete groupings. Regardless, as I said, if it's prohibitively difficult to code, then I'm good. But I think it's a good idea, so I'll put it out there and vote it up when I see it. What if it is easier than we expect, and it never gets implemented because the players making suggestions thought "Nah, that's probably hard, let's not ask for that."
  10. Lurkily

    Polish/ambience improvements

    Nah, you're good. They're all under one umbrella. I like all of this, but it's the kind of thing I'd sacrifice for a couple extra features worth of dev time, too.
  11. Lurkily

    Race mode

    I think competitive racing should be a separate type of race; time trials should be available too. With the mere point-following tracks, it would probably be mostly muscle. (Unless you do something special to make logic unobtrusive (Such as the processor suggestion) and don't count them toward a part limit.) With terrain, mines, and enemies in the mix - particularly if you involve goals, such as an enemy that has to be fought before you can continue the race - some creativity is going to be needed to navigate those hazards quickly.
  12. Lurkily

    Larger weapons

    I think they would need to be fixed; it looks like cursor-following weapons only have a 1x1 footprint that doesn't rotate, (Or perhaps it's circular, so it rotates but doesn't collide,)[ but it'd begin to get weird having a 2x1, or a 2x2 weapon swinging around without collisions and requiring that they be fixed can help address balance issues. You could generate them procedurally; give them a free upgrade that doesn't consume a shot. The gatling mentioned above might be a fire rate upgrade or even the gatling upgrade from the tech tree. (An upgraded upgrade.)
  13. Lurkily

    Mircroprocessor module

    I think the concept is still a good one; specific numbers are always up for adjustment and balancing.
  14. Lurkily

    Proximity sensor

    There are a lot of ways to optimize find-nearest problems. Simple solutions, used in industry today for mapping software (find the three nearest gas stations) is to ask 'do any exist within five miles?' If yes, find the nearest. If no, extend the search radius. If the new search radius contains too much to search, pick a search radius halfway between this and the previous. The division of many data points into regions also has a number of tricks out there, like spatial trees, and etc. Not sure that kind of solution would be applicable here, but they are common problems, and solutions are out there. That said, I'm quite aware that terrain isn't the kind of thing that the game seems to recognize as any kind of target with a discrete location, and I'm aware the engine doesn't seem to differentiate between ore and dirt. Directional location of ore comes up a LOT, though. If it's prohibitively difficult or resource-consumptive, I'm okay with that, but in the meantime, I'm still gonna suggest it as something I'd like.
  15. Lurkily

    Mircroprocessor module

    Well, I don't play much Sumo, and I know i would use it; for convenience and clean design, if nothing else.