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  1. I do love that profile pic. I love that it works so well, given that it's an oil painting of a kitten fused with a photograph of a tiger.
  2. Unless it's changed during the racing updates, it's always just outside that 100% range; my bomber satellites are set to that, and they always level off just under the Nimby. Previous to that, one or two versions ago, it was a lot more variable, where 100 might have been above it, or below it. I think at that time the Nimby was at a fixed distance, but altimeter settings varied by planet. I believe that now the Nimby's altitude is relative to the planet size just like the altimeter is.
  3. I believe -100 to zero is core to average surface, and the Nimbatus is positioned at just over 100 - its distance from the core, like the hopper's, is not consistent, after all. I use a drone with multiple subdrones, and the ore couriers that orbit at 100 altitude until my core is overhead, and drop down until they hit the bucket, always glide just a little below the Nimby's altitude. I was as surprised as anybody that they always seemed to keep the same distance relative to Nimby.
  4. Well . . . it wasn't on youtube, but on Reddit's lounge. First, some background: Reddit has this 'lounge'. It's a subreddit restricted to premium members. Either you bought premium, or a premium user spent some of their 'coins' to give you gold or platinum, which gives you premium access for a time. Someone posted a message there, after getting gold, asking what goes on there and what it's for. You know I had a response ready, right? "It's where us filthy stinking rich folks (I'm not rich) look down our noses at the disgusting peasantry (I'm actually remarkably understanding of most people) who don't have gold (especially those who don't have the advantages I do (of which wealth is not one)) while snorting cocaine (I don't even drink) off any available female surface. (Oh my god that's so sexist, I'm sorry.)" My favorite response to this was: "How is this one of the most wholesome comments I've ever read"
  5. Awwww! I have done some study of game design, though not on a professional level. Unfortunately, I have little coding skill, so my use as a developer is limited. Thanks for the kind words, though.
  6. I am not; I found them during their kickstarter, and have followed them with more or less attention since then, and have tried to use my voice to help shine some light on what might or might not be way forward. I do help in an official capacity as a moderator, but it's strictly a volunteer role.
  7. Give it a chance; as I said, sandbox will probably still exist, either as endgame content or as a separate game mode, and you might enjoy the cycle of challenge and reward that's implemented. Remember, one thing sandbox game struggle with is reward systems; they're hard to implement without structure. If you have ever been pleased to unlock an upgrade you know what I mean - progress involves rewarding a player, and we need more of that. If you stick with them and see what emerges, you might find yourself responding to a good progression system.
  8. What you're describing sounds like a very good sandbox game. I suspect that, given what the devs have said about their desire to implement progression, that game is just not Nimbatus.
  9. In the past, I think 100 altitude was set to always be just under the Nimbatus's altitude; not sure if that's still the case. For resources, my courier just orbited at 100 altitude until it detected the core overhead (which the main drone detached from, while the core plastered itself to the Nimbatus). A tracker could supplant the core's function here, though a detached core does give you some protection.
  10. Not exactly the same thing. This is more about bringing a sense of progress to the player's capabilities. The 'sweet spot' in gaming is usually about hitting a sacred balance between increasing skill, capability, and/or control, against an increasing challenge. If a player perceives their capability as high, perceives the challenge as high, lacks distractions, and feels they have control over events, that's where the magic happens. Progression is all about the increasing capability side of the equation. Right now, the player just gets every tool all at once, and can go over-the-top to dominate most missions from the start just by adding more of everything. What we want is to start the player off with limited capability and limited challenge. We want all of the giveaways to be rewarding unlocks, without subjecting the player to a crushing grind. That way rising challenge can be met by rising capability, and the current content (everything unlocked, unlimited drone size) can be more like endgame content, with matching challenges to face an endgame player.
  11. This is a kickstarter stretch goal, so it WILL be implemented at some point going forward.
  12. It would be interesting to be able to set up a competition between a bunch of select drones. In my use, I would be using it to test revisions of drones. Does it do better with the afterburners in the front? In the back? Does this logic change improve the design, bring it down? Should I use turning thrusters, or rely on smoother vectored guidance? With a tourney setup (successive runs of different drones) I could test all eight possible combinations of these revisions in sequence. For drone versus drone matchups, you might want different tournament structures, but tournament brackets are generally responsive to math, so basic things like a standard bracket and round robin shouldn't require a lot of structure to implement, even though the result is structured.
  13. MTM makes a good point; progression is planned but not implemented, not really, which will have a big impact on missions and how they scale.
  14. . . . . . on the forums, huh?
  15. Wasps are just gigantic raging jerks.
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