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Patchnotes 0.4.1 Closed Alpha

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Dear crew

We just released the update 0.4.1 for the closed alpha on Steam.

This patch contains some bugfixes for  the new lava update.


  • Fixed Sumo Tournament winning sound volume
  • Distance sensors now work properly when detecting something while the game is starting.
  • Frozen weapons can now no longer rotate (same as cannon towers)
  • Fixed bug where you could keep locked upgrades by pressing ESC in the weapon workshop
  • Removed broken transmitter effect (less than 1 drone parts)
  • Hammerheads now have more health and damage your parts more if they hit you.
  • Balance hammerhead shoal mission spawn
  • Fixed layer issues with cannon towers
  • Fixed the naming of Marium resource tank
  • Fixed the freeze lava fountain mission. The goal is now to have 5 different volcanoes frozen at the same time! Lava fountains now take 30 seconds to unfreeze
  • Fixed that the drone core had no name when starting a new save.
  • Added configurable radius to heater and cooler parts
  • Changed the color of one lava planet to make it more noticeable

If you encounter any problems please report them in Bugs
Thank you!


Stray Fawn Studio

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