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Deleting a save causes game to not load. (Demo version 0.2.3)

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Simply that.  If you start the game and delete one of the saves to start over, the game will not load any of the other saves, or a new save, without first shutting the game down and then restarting.  If you try loading a different/new save without restarting, the game just goes to a grey screen and does nothing.  Letting the game run for several minutes has no effect, the game still sits at the grey screen.  Loading a save, for me, only takes between 4 and 12 seconds normally.


I had not tried deleting a save while still playing on the older Demo version so I do not know if the bug existed back then.  I had no reason to do so until now.


This is using the in game save removal feature.  The [X] button next to the save.

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Ok good to hear.

There are some problems when you switch savegames really fast that we are trying to fix for the next update. But in most cases it should work fine :)

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