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Hello! I am very unsatisfied with both my starters and given island, but I'll do my best with it! Seriously though, these starters suck. Neither of them have more than one point of strength, and I hate cracker jaw and digging paw and velvet paw. But I guess digging paw will be okay, since most of the bushes here will be toxic berry bushes.

Anyways, I'm going to be doing this like a warrior cats challenge, using my own generator here! https://perchance.org/wccgen

Anyways, I decide to name the female Oakmask and the male Birchstar. I will not be using console, so no nine lives for you!

Anyways, here are their generated traits n stuff.

Birchstar - This cat has the urge to kill a predator, is patient, calm, vengeful, wants to prove themselves to their clan, and wants to train an apprentice.
Oakmask - This cat has a high sense of morals, is mysterious, honest, obedient, wants to make peace with rogues and potential other clans, and wants to live part-time as a rogue.

Anyways, let's start out. We'll come up with a clan name later.


The first few days are rather uneventful, with Birchstar and Oakmask exploring this territory they've found and collecting whatever food they can find. They quickly come across a rogue cat, it only being their third day here. To prevent unwanted monstrosities of children, Oakmask mates with Birchstar, and Birchstar swats the rogue, sending them running off a small distance. Oakmask climbs on top of the bunny burrow and builds a nest.


Our first kit is Rowanstripe, a cat with recessive violet eyes from her mother (they both have some rather cool recessive eye colors), and recessive big ears and antlers, as well as purr snout. If only they were dominant genes! Anyways, this cat is bad with kits, is energetic, arrogant, impetuous, wants to have many close friends, and wants to become a medicine cat.


Among all the poison berry bushes and grass, Birchstar finds a normal berry bush and a healing plant nearby! How useful.

The next day, a bluebird decides to hover overhead, and a dodmingo has been detected nearby.


It rains the day after that, and Birchstar hastily picks away at the berry bush. The rogue is still nearby, however. But there also seems to be someone else nearby..


Hello, fellow! While this loner only has one strength, they do have two nimble fingers, and recessive big body! Welcome to UnnamedClan.. Crimsontooth! Crimsontooth is a good influence, is selfish, fiery, patient, wants to hunt on enemy territory, and wants to kill a cat.

Next day, it's still raining, and despite this, our berry bush only has one available berry to pick for some reason. Also, there's two bluebirds.

The next few days are rather uneventful, the only worrying thing happening being our declining amount of food.

It rains the tenth day, and Crimsontooth hastily picks from the berry bush, only to find that the source is declining faster than it supposedly should. When he sniffs the air to investigate, he discovers that the bush doesn't have a tiny amount of berries. It's more like someone else wants a taste of them as well!


I will find you, and I will invite you into my tribe. This cat looks extremely useful!


We head on over, and find this gal! While she does have her share of negative genes, she has FIVE attack power, and big body!
I invite her in, and decide to name her Crookedwhisker. The first thing she does is grab a few fish for us, and the next thing I'm gonna have her do is mate with Crimsontooth. While this is a recipe for disaster in the field of snouts, I need their genes mixed with eachother if I want to live.

The day after this, there are three bluebirds hovering above despite the fact there are no baby nichelings! But hey, there will be soon so they have a point. Anyways, I've bred both Oakmask and Crookedwhisker with Crimsontooth.

I'm gonna give up generating traits for cats until we have a steady settlement of around ten nichelings or so. That's when I can create a story.


Next day, and my god, look at these cuties! Two short snouts, and only one derp snout! The red one has 4 strength, the one with red markings has two, and the spit-snout only has one. I decide to name the red one Robinclaw, the spotted one Ramfoot, and the spit-snout Sandstripe. They will shape the future of our clan. Anyways, we found our first bearyena nearby, but Crookedwhisker (with the help of other cats) quickly strikes it down. 

Also WHAT THE FUCK I FORGOT TO LEAVE ROBINCLAW WITH AN ADULT SO A BLUEBIRD TOOK HIM. BULL FUCKING SHIT. I breed Crookedwhisker and Crimsontooth again and hope for a similar outcome... which we don't get in the form of Nookleg, a pathetic baby with one strength. To the bluebirds he goes, since I dont want a useless kit in my clan when we're already swelling with seven members and eight food.

The next day we get another useless baby, it being a she-cat this time. We name her Rateye, and leave her to the birds.


The next day... oh fuck me in the asshole with a chainsaw on maximum power. I quickly put everyone into hiding mode, denying the use of the permanent nest due to it being out in the open. The next day, nobody gets attacked, but there's another (normal) bearyena in the nearby grass.




Surprisingly though, we traded Cardinalpath in for this kit, Cherryclaw, who has three strength instead of two. Also, remember that bearyena? Well, it came forwards and attacked two of the nichelings who were staying behind and hunting crabbits. Rowanstripe took 3 damage. Ramfoot, extremley pissed at this, attacks the Bearyena, and so does Rowanstripe. It isn't enough though, and they get Crimsontooth to help... which still isn't enough. At least he can act as cannon fodder!


Meanwhile, in the distance, Sandstripe calls for someone, anyone, to help their poor clan. He is greeted by an elderly tom, who, like Birchstar (who recently passed along with Oakmask), has cracker jaw. The next day, the bearyena kills Crimsontooth, Rowanstripe takes two more damage from uncured bleeding, and Ramfoot takes two damage. Ramfoot kills the bearyena once and for all though, cures Rowanstripe's bleeding, and silently collects berries next to her. The elderly tom, who is named Owljaw, is taken in. Next day, the tribe decides to start moving to an oak tree on the left side of the island, hoping to make a camp there and finally settle down from this chaos. They find tons of rabbits along the way, and a dead crabbit. Food is doing alright.

I decide to breed Owljaw with Crookedwhisker, who.. actually has recessive poison fangs! Holy shit! The tom has three days left of life, so im gonna create three babies with him if I can. I also decide to breed Ramfoot with him, because why not? Our tribe's getting old anyways. We have two kids next day, both of which only have one strength. To keep our number at bay, I send them off to play with the birds.. which doesn't seem to work. Oh well, free canon fodder and grass mowers. A bearyena is also seen in the back, which we decide to deal with. There's also a rogue male following us.


Welp, here's all our kids! Two have big body, and one has recessive poison fangs. Two of em are shortsighted though. Anyways, we're almost close enough to being allowed to mutate in claws and ram horns, which will be incredibly useful! I decide to name the one with horns Jagskull (yea, I'm edgy. What're you gonna do about it?), the one with medium body Tuftfoot, and the one with nimble fingers Caramelheart. (I also go with somewhat unrealistic names. But hey, Billystorm and Harveymoon exist.)

Days pass by. Cats growing older, the oldest cats dying, food amounts decreasing and increasing. And for the first time, our clan defeated a bearyena in one day! (albeit needing nearly the entire clan to help.) We've finally been given permission to mutate ram horns and claws, and we're also kicking around a wanderer that we don't care about. Cherryclaw gets impregnated by a rogue male, much to her disappointment. She mutates in claw and ram in hopes of getting an okay child. The child isn't okay though, and she leaves him out to die.


The same day, she meets someone who is quite interesting... and fishy. Seriously, look at that fishing tail and webbed hind legs! He introduces himself as Fishleg, as that was what his previous group of cats called him before he dispersed. Cherryclaw, while not attracted, finds this cat rather cute and silly, like some awkward highschool boy the girls talk about sometimes. Tuftfoot invites him in, and he trots over to the water, a spring in his step, hoping to find some fish. They're apparently his favorite food!


As it appears, our tribe has successfully settled down and created a camp! They're planning to extend this territory in the future.

Ramfoot, sitting on a tree stump, ponders. Perhaps it's time for her to take a mate. She eyes Jagskull, and decides that he'll do. The next day, she mates with him. Everyone else does mundane tasks.

The tribe looks over themselves, and are finding themselves rather satisfied. Two of their members have big body, which means if they keep breeding it, they could end up with an entire tribe of big bodies. It was extremely unlikely they would get that body, but somehow, it came in. They also have a few members with a type of horns, and since they can now mutate claws and ram horns, they'll be in for more of those soon. Most of our members have two strength or more, which means we're slowly adapting to the environment that is deadly hills. If we keep this up, we could have a whole tribe of big-bodied warriors who can take down any bearyena in just a few swipes! The only major goal we have now is to find a friendly bearyena to create hybrids with.


Next day, it's raining, and when trying to view the new baby, I zoom in a little too much! Looking very cute today, Ramfoot!


Anyways, we now have this small boy, who somehow got big nose despite both his parents having short snout. I guess it came out of his mother's recessive genes. Let's name him Fawnskip, since I somewhat remember that name being said somewhere, and I want to use it.


Next day, a sneeze is heard in the bushes, and this fellow pops out! He's small and sickly, but he's kind-spirited and in an upbeat mood! He is chased off the main part of the territory, and hides in the grass. 

The next few days are again, uneventful, with old cats dying and new kits coming. And.. the player getting bored. I will return and update next time I play niche, but for now, I'm rolling out. Cya.

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2 hours ago, Kepa-Shanyang said:

Crimsontooth is a good influence, is selfish, fiery, patient, wants to hunt on enemy territory, and wants to kill a cat

"Good influence" "Wants to hunt on enemy territory" "Wants to kill a cat"

... ?

2 hours ago, Kepa-Shanyang said:

While this is a recipe for disaster in the field of snouts,

Derp-snouts give distasteful appearance... Useful for the bearyenas



Um... yeah...

gl (btw I got 'The Bearyena' as well, I used the sicklies in my tribe to distract it while the others ran POOR PURRVEL (Shoulda kept him ;-;)


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18 hours ago, Aetherskye said:

"Good influence" "Wants to hunt on enemy territory" "Wants to kill a cat"

Imagine he's actually a really cool polite person and that's the good influence part. Nobody knows about his secret murder plan.

18 hours ago, Aetherskye said:

Derp-snouts give distasteful appearance... Useful for the bearyenas

You think im gonna have an ugly tribe just to drive away some bears you piece of crust


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7 hours ago, Kepa-Shanyang said:

Imagine he's actually a really cool polite person and that's the good influence part. Nobody knows about his secret murder plan.

You think im gonna have an ugly tribe just to drive away some bears you piece of crust


I just thought i'd give some FRIENDLY advice to a fellow player playing deadly hill who encountered a bearyena almost the same day... (same time maybe even)

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