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You didnt deserve me.

Dragon-wolves (Remastered)


I suggested this before, this is a remastered version.

So here is the start of this.

A new island. Pretty large, A few streams, very small oceam. Lots of oak trees. Mainly a grass biome, but a bit of snow biome, too. This will be the island Dragon-wolves are most common on. Chance of spawning on this island: 25%

Any other island exept savanah ones: Chance of spawn: 3%

You may be wondering what a Dragon-wolf is. Here is what they can do:

5 attack

10 flying (No nicheling can fly as well as a Dragon-wolf! Muahaha!)


Strong Voice

2 swimming

5 eyesight

4 smelling

4 hearing

1 fishing

6 speed (You will see why soon enough)

3 defence


Tamable (Only when young)

Netural (Killer ones are hostile)

Hunts anything edible (Exept dodomingoes and plants)

1% chance of spawning when a nicheling calls or attacks a dodomingo (Never a young one though. But be careful not to call in a killer!)

Will hunt larger prey in groups (YOUR GOING DOWN, APES!)

Normal and Young ones are deturnal, Killers are nocturnal.

Will taunt anything that is stronger than it.

Can become sick, and therefore avoids sickly nichelings.

Will also avoid sickly dragon-wolves.

Can come in any color a nicheling can.

And now for the genes! (Course, a actual dragon-wolf looks like, well, a wolf with horns and wings)

Dragon-wolf snout: Same stats as Bearena snout, exept no distasteful appearence, and +4 smelling)

Dragon-wolf ears: +3 hearing

Sharp eyes: +3 eyesight, -1 smelling (Otherwise may have blind eyes)

Any type of horns exept megaloceros

Dragon-wolf Body: +8 flying (Does not stack with bird or bat wings) +2 strength, Size of a bearyena, +2 cold resistance

Dragon-wolf paw: +2 strength, +1 fishing, +1 digging

Normal hindlegs

Dragon-wolf tail: +1 cold resistance, +1 strength

Any colors of any type

Possible bad genes:

Derp snout

Deformed paw

Blind eyes



And now for size comparisons!

Take a killer bearyena. That is the size of a dragon-wolf.

Take a regular bearyena. That is the size of a young dragon-wolf.

Take 2 killer bearyenas. That is the size of a killer dragon-wolf.

Oh, and btw, Young dragon-wolves only spawn with a Killer dragon-wolf as a mother. Due to Killer dragon-wolves being very strong, you have to wait till the mother leaves. Then you have 3 days to tame the young one untill it grows up.

Also, a 0.0000001 chance of Lisa spawning. This is Lisa:

image.png.9b3dca3116f5a5ea85285920689d0e87.png Credit to Just Normal Lilytuft.

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