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  1. I'm not gonna be on the forums very much anymore. If I'm online it's just for something important like Niche Mobile. If you wanna talk to me, you can find me on the niche discord. My nickname on there is Bagel.

  2. I aint diggin through these forums
  3. poofs into existence Can you make a white cat with deep blue eyes that's really fluffy? (Snowfur)
  4. Ever heard of Starcraft? Yeah, I suck at it as well. If you dont play it, you should try it. You might like it. I also just enjoy getting destroyed in this game, just be enjoying my time and suddenly I'm watching the bloodshed while laughing
  5. ya and it would be kinda useful for those who dont have bearyena snout or sabertooth fangs
  6. So, I got Gamemaker studio 2 today, and I'm hoping to learn alot from it Also, I was wondering if with that program, I could help with this niche thiny in any way?
  7. "Y-yeah... Leopard will be just fine..."
  8. I dont wanna deal with that kind of confusion
  9. Bear is kindof animus so....... and no I aint lettin u replace Firefly Maybe I might open it up for unknown reasons eventually
  10. It means either male or female, no non-binary or gender-fluid or something like that Should we revive this?
  11. Woudnt that technically be better for a leg gene?
  12. It would have +2 smelling and +1 strength
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