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Mulan the Cat

Nicheling Poses


The idea for this came from finding an easier way of adding animations. 

There are two main ideas that I will explain:




How it would work:

  • At the end of the night/when the screen is completely dark nichelings would 'pose' 
    • When a predator is next to them they might prepare to fight
    • When they are in a nest they might curl up or look asleep
    • When they are in a river they might be frozen in a swimming position
    • When they can gather and are near a berry bush they might hold a berry in their paw
    • Standing on top or beside a pile of meat they would hold some meat in their paw
  • As soon as they move - but not as soon as they take an action - their pose would go back to the current look
  • Optionally: after a few minutes and while the camera is not looking at them their pose would change - like that one game 



Condition related look

How it would work:

  • A nicheling's appearence would change 
    • If they are starving they would look thin
    • If they are an alpha, beta or omega they might look somewhat different
    • If they are elderly 
    • If they are wounded
    • If they are too hot they would look dehydrated
    • If they are too cold they might have snow in their fur or something


Note that none of these would be animations, they would be 'poses' or slight appearance changes 


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