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  1. The small group of half-strangers look around. Save for Lupa & Luna, no one recognizes each other. Which is not suprising. They came from a big tribe and this was a last minute decision. The rest of the tribe were no doubt bickering and yelling complaining... wherever they where. Sun raises a paw and swipes sand off his head, his white fur remarkably bright and clean. Luna stares at him, her ear twitching as the sand blows into her face. *I have plot writing to do*
  2. I don't have a plan... And I don't need one! There are the pair of twins (Lupa & Luna). There are the two males (Oak & Sun). And two other females (Raven & Navy).
  3. ... I'm not feeling creative today. ... Rules: No more than 12 food per adult and 4 food per teen. No more than 6 children per adult Mates for life Follow all guidelines No inbreeding! Guidelines: A nicheling must earn a gene in order to mutate it. In addition, they must have the directly previous gene to mutate it (see below). 1st, 2nd and 3rd names (see below). Gene mutation tree: Deformed paw Runner's leg Orange Eyes Digging Paw Claw Bearyena Claw Velvet Paw Shortsighted eyes Mammut Foot nimble fingers Webbed Paw Mask Wings Bat wings No horns Yellow Eyes Antenna Beige Pattern Colour Savannah Ram Antler Megalocerous Medium Body Lean Body Blind Eyes Water Body Big Body Heat Body Armor Body Bearyena Hindlegs Spiky Body Violet Eyes Toxic Body Derp Snout X Bat Head Bird Beak Short Snout Cracker Jaw Big Nose Digging Trunk Sticky Tongue Purr Snout Bearyena Snout Venomous Fangs Saber Tooth Fangs X Gills Platypus Beak Medium Tail Swimming Tail Fishing Tail Tailfin Stinky Tail Infertility Hammer Tail Scorpion Tail Moss Brown Fur Chestnut Brown Fur Beige Fur Yellow Fur Blue Eyes White Fur Red Brown Fur Red Fur Black Fur Other Genes Blue Eyes Violet Eyes Shortsighted Eyes Blind Eyes Infertility Beige Pattern Colour Mask Orange Eyes Bearyena Hindlegs Normal Hindlegs Webbed Hindlegs Black Pattern Colour White Pattern Colour Red Pattern Colour Brown Pattern Colour No Pattern Dots Stripes Green Eyes Black Eyes Brown Eyes Medium Fertility Low Fertility High Fertility Ears/Fur Colour W.I.P.
  4. Personally, I've been playing wolvden but right now there's not a lot to do other than breed wolves. It takes a while for the wolves to be breedable as well, and all my wolves are starving so I can't breed them. I'm working on getting their stats up but that's a very passive process. I'm looking forward to updates! And I still have too many puppies, I've been selling them in batches.
  5. I've got wayyy too many puppies. Some Tier II, some decent stats but also a lot of useless puppies...
  6. Sounds good to me! If this was paired with being able to adjust how many of each animal spawns at a time, my bearyena army would be unstoppable!
  7. I feel like my entire existence on this forum has been wanting to steal/contribute to other people's ideas. Eh... that's how most communities are formed right? Anyway, I haven't played Niche in a while. My computer is going to be moved upstairs soon so I think that will make me play Niche more. And... I have depression! Like literally every teen on the face of the earth right now. First time I've been part of a majority in a long time. What else... I'm a writer with writers block (again like half writer on the face of the earth). I'm really active on Wolvden and Lioden right now. I've read all the good books in my house (1000s and 1000s and 1000s of pages worth) and I do not have the patience to suffer through an inadequate book. I'm homeschooled, and I have been for a long time. I'm Canadian. And I have 4 cats, listed by age they are; Mulan, Ember, Nectar & Honey. I'm also watching Silence of the Lamb(s) and don't want spoilers! Also, if you make fun of people with disabilities I WILL COME FOR YOU WITH BURNING RAGE, if I have the energy for it, cause you know, depression. And... Does anyone have the soundtrack for Niche? Is it worth it? I don't have it and am interested in getting it.
  8. I WANT A FREE COOKIE I mean... um... please?
  9. I like the new decor so far!
  10. I had to vote this down because of my phobia... sorry!
  11. Oooo... yes! ... That's all I have to say.
  12. Yes! I would like to add that this should only happen to omega infants, to avoid tragic mistakes.
  13. I have a few ideas I'm not sure about, so I'll just comment them to make things eaiser. On harder difficulties, genes are harder to unlock. (Particularity fertility, normal blood) on hard difficulty, and increased on killer difficulty. All grass is regrowing (probably should be optional). Boulders do damage when destroyed on killer difficulty. Thorns cause bleeding when destroyed on killer difficulty. You can not mutate runner's leg, normal hindlegs or good eyesight on hard+ difficulty. Deformed paw will always pass onto offspring on killer difficulty. Spit snout gives only +1 smelling.
  14. My lead wolf is pregnant with 6 puppies... I'm scared.
  15. Intro: You awake slowly, still tasting the sweetness of the blue berry on your tongue. Your eyes and body feel heavy. You lie on your belly, legs cramped and numb. You roll onto your side and stretch, feeling the pads of your paws brushing something flat and ribbed. This fails to rouse your interest, and you fall back asleep. Out of character: Nichelings are in cages, basically. Submit a nicheling who is normalish if possible. This role play begins on January 1st, I need at least 2 players.
  16. I came up with this after making a post in the education forum. I want information panels saying whether a nicheling is warm blooded, a mammal, a vertabrate etc. I'd also like information panels for the other creatures in niche. ... that's it.
  17. My teacher said that amphibians and/or reptiles are invertebrates. Don't know what this has to do with niche, but... it was very painful because my classmates believed the teacher and we were 11 at the time. And, to make that worse, that was the only genetic stuff we were taught that year. AND it wasn't just a slip of the tongue! THE TEACHER WROTE IT DOWN AND KEPT IT UP FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! I'm so sorry teachers, I love you! But somebody had to make this post, okay? I'd like to petition for extra info about nichelings. Such as if they are mammals, give birth to live young, are vertebrates, are warm-blooded etc. Also if there could be fancy words like 'diurnal' or 'adaptable' or... I don't know. Ooooooo... perhaps more info about other creatures as well? Hold on... I'm making a features request.
  18. Rattle = Rat + Turtle. Reason: my house is infested with rats and a new challenge to bring to niche would be great. And also turtles. Anyhow: All about the Rattle: The Rattle comes in 4 life stages (like nichelings). A Rattle (like a rabbil) does not die of old age. Life Stage 1: Baby/Egg: The rattle is harmless The rattle drops 1 food The rattle cannot move or do anything The rattle requires 1 hit to die After a day, they age to the 2nd stage Life Stage 2: Young Rattle The rattle can fish, gather berries and left out meat. (Fishing: 1, Gathering: 1, Speed: 3) The rattle drops 2 food The rattle can move and moves during the day The rattle requires 3 hits to die (1 hit from a creature of 3 strength or higher) The rattle avoids adult nichelings and teen nichelings The rattle avoids clear 'tiles' The rattle stays by water Once the rattle has 5 food, they age to the 3rd stage Life Stage 3: Teen Rattle The rattle can fish, gather berries, eat left out meat, eat clams and catch razorana and that river fish (someone tell me what they are named!) (Fishing: 4, Gathering: 2, Speed: 2, Defense: 1) The rattle drops 4 food The rattle can move and moves during the day The rattle requires 6 hits to die (1 hit from a creature of 6 strength or higher) The rattle can spread disease, if they come into contact with gold-leaches or nichelings The rattle moves everywhere, while still avoiding adult nichelings Once the rattle comes into contact with another teen rattle, one eats the other and they age to the 4th and final stage The rattle can kill baby nichelings Life Stage 4: Adult rattle The rattle can fish, gather berries, eat left out meat, eat clams, kill and eat crabs, catch razorana and that river fish and attack teen nichelings (Fishing: 4, Gathering: 3, Speed: 1, Strength: 2, Defense: 2) The rattle drops 8 food The rattle can move and moves during the day The rattle requires 10 hits to die (1 hit from a creature of 10 strength or higher) The rattle can spread disease, if it comes into contact with termite mounds, gold-leaches or nichelings The rattle moves everywhere The rattle can kill baby nichelings, attack teen nichelings and attack adult nichelings that attack them The rattle can destroy temporary nests If the rattle ends the day in a spot 2 tiles from water, they will lay down. The next day, 2-7 baby rattles are born around them (and on their tile). The rattle heals any damage done to them after having the baby rattles. Other: Rattles (while on a travel tile) will travel with nichelings when migrating. Young rattles can share a tile with a nichelings, as can egg/baby rattles. Rattles spawn as young rattles, and do not spawn on Savannah islands. Rattles can spawn as any age on whale island Rattles can be found on medium islands and harder. Although there is a small chance that they will spawn in the archipelago. Rattles are not common, and spawn from grass-covered rabbil dens. Bears, apes and killer bearyena can all kill rattles. Friendly bearyena will kill baby and young rattles. Baby rattles appear green, young rattles yellow and teen/adult rattles red. And that's pretty much it. Of course, many/most of the things I suggested will be changed/removed. This is a very big suggestion. If someone has suggested this before, I'm sorry, but in my defense, I do have about a dozen rats running through the walls of my house.
  19. Wanted Genes: Ram Claw Black/White Fur Black Pattern Violet Eyes Big Body
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