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Welcome to the siren challenge! 

Here you get an excuse to murder all those annoying rouge males!

You start will a pair of sirens.

Make them as you please, but they WILL be living in the water, so keep that in mind!

I'd suggest to start somewhere such as Oasis, or another hard/medium island

Now for the actual gameplay for this!:


You will only play females. any males born will be left to drown or killed. The only exception is a single male, never any more, the male doesn't do anything, its just how you'd keep the better actual siren genes in

If a female siren is born without any good genes, you can do as you please with it

Every 2 days, All females move onto land, and call for a rouge on a stump. All female rouges that come, are killed. Any males, are bred with, you invite them to your tribe and 'lure' them into the water. there they will drown.

Heres the stats for this, I don't know a better word:

Environmental damage: 100

Enemy damage: 100

Healing: 0

Hunger damage: 2



Baby: 6

Child: 10

Teen: 2

Adult: 100

Kill male sirens once they reach 60, instead of females. they will be bred with no matter what then circled with all females, either use a command to kill them, or simply render them dead for the time they should be dead. You could also look for a predator.

You cannot be seen by a predator. If all females seen at once (use the predators stats to tell), then use a number generator to see who will run. Anyone else will not run and will die.

Newborn siren babies are not defended in till they catch their first fish or kill their first rouge. This is expected of before adulthood.

Also note, Blind gene mode should be active, as inbreeding is allowed but I'd like to add insane risk to it. You only know your starter sirens genes, after that you don't. (unless its just copies of each other, but its better without knowing)


For a good hard mode, ill say up all damages to a 100 and keep healing at none. start with the exact number of food as sirens. This should be hard to keep up with other things, so ill leave it at this

The finally end of this insanely long challenge (for me, anyways)


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Wow! I love this challenge!

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lol your siren challenge is better than mine.

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