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Mulan the Cat

Difficult Challenge

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Start on Deep Jungle killer island. 

Sandbox Settings:


  • Infant: 3
  • Child: 3
  • Teen: 6
  • Adult: 24
  • Pregnancy: 6 


  • Enemy: 3
  • Environment: 3
  • Hunger: 3
  • Healing: 1


  • Food: 15
  • Nesting Material: 0
  • Tribe Limit: 36
  • Blind Gene Mode ON
  • Unlock All Genes OFF

World Settings:

  • Friend Meat-Eating Plants OFF
  • Harmless Termite Hill OFF








  • Criteria detirmines place in the tribe (see below)
  • There are three bloodlines: Stealth, Vibrancy and Ferocity, each have their own criteria and leader. 
    • Stealth is ruled by a female Queen
      • They never clear grass
      • They do not eat from stinky fruit trees unless they have rolled in mud AND have stinky tail
      • Only the royalty can fight apes (Queens only fight if they already have an heir)
      • Queen can only have one daughter (her heir)
    • Vibrancy is ruled by a male King and his queens
      • They try to nest in trees or on stumps if they can
      • The King has two princes, these may or may not be related to him. The King and the princes are the only males allowed to breed. 
      • The King and princes are often challenged (see below) 
    • Ferocity is ruled by the strongest (male or female)They mate for life
      • They will always fight apes. 
      • Their Ruler must beat at least three challengers before being accepted. 


Criteria for place in the Stealth tribe (the alphas have higher numbers, omegas have less).

  • Black fur +1 (+3 if double)
  • Dots +2
  • Velvet paw +2
  • Runner's Leg +1 
  • Lean Body +3
  • Toxic Body +2
  • Stinky Tail +1
  • Big ears +1

Criteria for Queen of Stealth tribe (used if current queen dies without an heir)

  • Criteria in Stealth Tribe (see above)
  • White savannah horns +3
  • Other-coloured savannah horns +2
  • Other white horns +1
  • Venomous fangs +3
  • Black pattern +2
  • Black eyes +2

Criteria for place in Vibrancy tribe (also used for determining King, creature with higher criteria has a 80% chance of becoming/staying King. If you don’t want to roll, just say that they remain/become King)

  • Bright fur (use your judgement) +2
  • Bright/bold pattern +2
  • Peafowl tail +5
  • Wings +2 (+4 if double)

Criteria for place in Ferocity tribe. Their Ruler must have higher than average criteria to become Ruler. Then, they must beat at least three challengers (challenging and winning a challenge with the current Ruler counts as beating a challenger. In a challenge, the creature with higher criteria has a 80% chance of winning. Those who lose a challenge die of their wounds (drown them)).

  • Strength +1 per 1
  • Venom +2
  • Heat resistance +1 per 1
  • Apes killed by creature +4 per 1
  • Challenge won +2 per 1



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