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Indicator that shows battery drain/s per key binding



Some sort of UI that shows how long the current set-up's battery will last or take to deplete when keeping Left Click / Right Click /Mouse 3 / F etc... depressed. Also some way of knowing what the recharge rate is of the batteries in the current drone.

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This would also be very useful, and easier to implement, for fuel. However, memorize these values and don't worry about either issue again.

Reference: 1 fuel/energy cell = 1 Single Block's worth of space being taken up by a fuel/energy storage block that regenerates.


2 small thrusters = 1 fuel cell

1 normal thruster = 1 fuel cell

1 VTOL = 1 fuel cell

4 Jump thrusters = 3 fuel cells (its usage is not a multiple of 4)

1 Dynamic Thruster <= 1 fuel cell (basically it uses 8 fuel if at maximum thrust)

1 Afterburner = 10 fuel cells


1 Shield = 4 energy cells

1 Heater/Cooler <= 20 energy cells (its usage is equal to its strength, and it outputs that)

1 Small Magnet = 2 energy cells

1 Big Magnet = 5 Energy Cells (oddly enough, usage does not change with radius OR strength)

1 Saw = 2 Energy Cells

1 Drill = 1 Energy Cell

1 Resource Collector = 1 energy cell

Ranged Weapons are where it gets tricky, because the maximum is only attained after 4 or 10 seconds, and IS NOT DISPLAYED AT ALL (and thus I assume not calculated), however ranged weapons can go from 0 energy cells ([any weapon] with both energy efficiency upgrades (20%+80%=100%)) to a maximum of 9 (sniper (15) with minigun (+200% after 4 seconds) and no energy efficiency upgrades). These are obviously extreme cases, and usually will stay at about 2-3 for most ranged weapons. 

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