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Sumo tiers and divisions [repost]


[reposted from July 24, 2019]

You will be able to choose a tournament to enter based on 

Tiers:  Based on part count

Divisions:  Based on individual wins

Normal:  Versus all uploaded drones


Tiers:  (You will only face other drones in your tier)  (another option is no minimum parts but a maximum part count)







Divisions:  (from highest to lowest) (You will only face other drones in your division)  * means number can be adjusted based on amount of drones uploaded, how many wins drones have or could have, etc

Makuuchi.......Top division..........500-∞* wins   Fixed to 42* drones, the bottom ranked drone will be demoted if surpassed

Jūryō..............Second division....400-* wins (40 tournament wins)   Drones bumped down from the top division will place here even if above 500 wins   No drone limit

Makushita......Third division........300-399* wins (30 tournament wins)  No drone limit

Sandanme......Forth division.......200-299* wins (20 tournament wins)  No drone limit

Jonidan..........Fifth division.........100-199* wins (10 tournament wins)  No drone limit

Jonokuchi......Sixth division........1-99* wins                                                No drone limit

Wins will count from tournaments you enter or wins you gain from other players facing your drone

Division&wins and tier&part count will be displayed when in a match across all tournament modes

For approx 30s a match, winning every match, it would take 4.167 hours to get 500 wins and be in the top division

A leaderboard can be viewed where players can select a division from a drop down menu and see other drones+built by ___ along with their part count, a small image of the drone can be shown to the left of the name that can be enlarged by hovering over it for 1s

Players can also use a search bar to find a specific drone or a separate tab that shows all of their drones and stats (search bar can also search by selecting one or more attributes such as [part count highest/lowest], [wins highest/lowest], [win ratio highest/lowest] so that players can use the combination they want) 

When you reach a new division there can be a congratulations screen   ex. Congratulations, your drone _____ has been placed into Jonidan, the Fifth Division!

Some rewards can go along with this, such as resources, additional parts for campaign mode, a special skin that you can use, etc


I believe sumo is one of the best things about this game, and can be made much more fun than it already is 🙂


Sources for names etc



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