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  1. Imagine in order to get the Squid Beak you gotta dive down to the deepest part of the water and break open something similar to the ice bergs to UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!!!
  2. I like that idea! Imagine a nicheling that doesn't have a pattern, but the pattern color is orange and the fur color is black! So Halloween-y! Or maybe a black pattern with a green toxic body- I'd name that one Cthulhu~
  3. Maybe there could be an alternate Spiture that doesn't have webs but just sneaks around in the tall grass hunting apes? It'd have a more jumping-spider look rather than the black widow look. This particular Spiture I've drawn in the above post was meant to be sedentary, tho. I might try drawing up some Jumping-Spiture designs later~
  4. I believe the best route to take with that is that if they land on a webby floor tile or if they try to fly through the web, but landing on a tree the web is connected to wouldn't count unless it was a part of the tree were the webbing overlaps. If they land on a webby part of a tree they'd have the same web-ball look as on the ground, but I think it'd be neat to have a different web-ball design for the flying nichelings caught in the web above ground. I'll have to work on drawing that~
  5. Man, it's been forever since I've visited the forums! But now that I'm here, I wanted my first comment to address both of you! Bostonlobstah, I agree with you- having the middle segment be the pattern color while the top and bottom are normal fur color makes a lot more sense than my idea XD And Skysplash8, I'm sorry I didn't fully understand the error of my ways until now I might make some new art of this body concept, but I'm not sure whether I would post it here on this chat or somewhere else. Either way, I'll make sure it looks like the more logical pattern-color instead of what I was doing before. Besides: it gives way more options for cuteness!
  6. I love the idea and the art! Take an upvote!
  7. Just one pointer, if you are okay with me saying: If your nicheling's eyes are blue, that means the blue is dominant, and so the blue on the wings would be closer to the tip of the wing, while the pink would be closer to the body- like the pink and blue one in the pictures I put in the description ^u^ The way the wings are, as you have them in the picture, would signal that your nicheling's dominant eye color is violet. But your drawing is still super beautiful and I think you did an awesome job!
  8. Oh my gosh!! That is SO AWESOME!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ You're a fantastic artist!! It's so beautiful, and it looks perfect to me!! I wish I could draw like you! What do you use to make art?
  9. Oh, it doesn't? OAO Uh-oh! I thought that it always made the eyes black! Shoot, I dun goofed! -facedesk- oh well, the picture's already there XD If it doesn't disable eye color, then the gradient and spots would be the colors of the eyes just like all the other wings.
  10. Awww, thank you so much!! ❤️ It really means a lot to hear that; the new picture(s) took days to finish but it's so worth it XD
  11. Thank you! ❤️ Which one is your favorite?
  12. DaMuro, on DeviantArt ❤️
  13. I like to think that it's darting away from the grey-winged orange-eyed one, like they're playing tag or it playfully stole a berry XD
  14. I like that one too; it reminds me of an irish flag, kinda XD And yes, berries! ❤️
  15. Thank you much!! Which one is your favorite? I like the original Type 1 the best [black outline with pink and blue gradient]
  16. Just added some more! It's at the bottom of the original post ❤️
  17. I've just added some new drawings into the original post that might help ease your mind a bit Please do take a look; they're at the very bottom!
  18. I've done it! The surprise is in the original post now, on the very bottom!
  19. Teehee, I think you're the first one to notice that! XD Type 1 is my favorite after all~
  20. Thank you so much! ❤️ While I agree that butterflies are delicate, I don't think a debuff is necessary for these bodies; they don't add any strength or defense, so they would get hit just as hard as Lean Body.
  21. That is indeed how this body is meant to function, similarly to how Toxic Body overrides the fur colors entirely and replaces them with a random neon color, or how Albino and Melanistic creatures override the fur color. Some people would like it, others wouldn't, just like all the aforementioned genetics.
  22. I can understand not working in rain, but not the not working 1-2 days afterword. That'd be a bit much. But yeah, not working during rain seems legit. Maybe also having a negative resistance to the cold, the way Big Body has a negative resistance to heat?
  23. Thank you!! I'm working on another piece for this, so stay tuned! I don't understand? Is there a suggestion somewhere for Soft Body? Please elaborate?
  24. Thank you so much! ❤️ I'm almost finished with the surprise, too, so stay tuned!
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