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  1. Leaving this one as just a link because it contains a very mild borderline inappropriate joke that I'm not even sure breaks the forum rules but I'm gonna play it safe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKSNzhaZzvc
  2. Oh, don't worry! This place has been quiet for years! This is nothing out of the ordinary. You're just only now realising it because you yourself have been more active in the past and that has encouraged people to interact with you
  3. I'll start posting some funny videos about it to convince people to read it Starting with this fancomic
  4. by the way, said war started over a curly straw
  5. Oh wait I forgot one: -gay scientists who invents time travel to save his crush from dying
  6. Variants of gay on board the Lost Light -gay brainsurgeon -gay vlogger -edgy gay -gay cinnamon roll -gay doctor -gay ninja -trans lesbian archeologist -trans lesbian... backbag?
  7. Oh and it's a Transformers comic by James Roberts. Probably should have mentioned that
  8. More Than Meets The Eye Basically 4 million year space robot war has just ended and society is in ruins. But these people don't want to help with rebuilding and instead go on a big space adventure to find other people to do it for them. Chaos ensues, tables are flipped and it's all very gay.
  9. I want to convince people here to read MTMTE (fair warning, it's pretty mature and dark) Comment below some things you like/would like seeing in stories and I'll tell you wether MTMTE has it or not
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