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  1. Chapter 14 - Processing Perspective of Common Common had gone out to the shores. Partially to search for Nibluis, hoping that she regretted leaving Nibshubi, and partially to think about everything that had happened lately. Patience, Trickery had told him before. That's a good trait. You have a lot of that. And forgiveness, and kindness, and you can make anything brighter just by being around. Common wondered if he would forgive Nibluis. Probably. At least, that was what he was supposed to do. ..Wasn't it? Common shook his head. Of course he would forgive Nibluis! Why wouldn't he? If Nibluis comes back, whispered the back of his brain. Common rubbed his head. A small rabbit curled beneath his paws, before noticing Common, and running off. Before it left into the grasses, however, the rabbit looked back at Common. It seemed to search his eyes. And then it vanished. Is it possible to ignore what I was made to do? Common came back to the camp soon enough. She had some small talk with Nibshubi and Slate, before Nibshubi ran off. "Slate, I have something to- ask you." Common tried to smile, but for once, it was a struggle. "What is it?" Slate seemed to be caught off guard by that. "Is it possible- for- the Evils to act against their- purpose- I guess?" Common asked quietly. "I'm not sure. The only instance I've seen it happen is if either the Common dies, or the rest of the Evils die. By then, their gems become black, and- they're pure nicheling, now." Slate responded. "Evils can't die of old age, just from bearyenas and poison and whatnot. Basically any death but old age." "Huh. That's.. weird." Common felt a strange lump in her throat. "Has anyone tried it, at least?" "Not that I know of. Why?" Slate raised an eyebrow. Common sighed. "I don't think I can forgive Nibluis. Although I'm supposed to." Slate looked at Common wonderingly, when a small glimmer of light in Common's chest faded. One of her gemstones had become black.
  2. Tables Turning (Peacock kid was named Ember) As Horizon and Alecto prepared for the rescue party, Ghost slipped out of the camp. He wanted to find an authentic truth to this mystery, instead of whatever Horizon wanted him to find. Or maybe we'll find the same thing; dead bodies. Meanwhile, Bloom had noticed a strange new smell approaching from the winds blowing from the west. She jumped onto a stump, calling out to the unknown figures. Before long, she caught glimpses of bright pelts, and Crystal grinned behind her. "It looks like the Outsiders are here!" Bloom didn't know what that meant, until the snow broke and out came the rainbow-like nichelings who didn't have tribes, organizations, empires, alliances or rules. They did what they wanted, with no constraint. And now, they were here. Ghost followed the vague smell of Alecto and Finch. He jumped onto a stump to get a look around, and instantly spotted red and bones beneath new fresher snows. Sweeping them away, he saw a body that smelled distantly of Arctic. It was covered in blood, and next to it was more blood that smelled like that of Koi. Following the hotsprings, Ghost suddenly spotted a familiar arrangement of red and white dots. "Koi!" Ghost ran over, seeing her surrounded by unfamiliar faces. "What- Ghost?" Koi turned to the voice. "What happened to you? Did these nichelings attack you?" "No. Alecto and Finch did, but I don't blame them. I think Horizon is one to blame." Ghost looked at her. "What happened to your face?" "I.. uh. Finch blinded me." Koi sighed. Ghost gasped. "Are you better now?" "Getting better. But Ghost. These are the Storms, and they saved me." "There's quite a few of them.. are they willing to help you?" "Yes! Of course!" Bloom jumped over to Koi. Ghost looked smug, but in a good way. "Good. For what I'm thinking we do next.." ".. We'd need an army."
  3. Rules have been changed! Did 10 tests again, and survived past day 100 on 2 of them. Unlucky events are the main issue now, not starvation, so its more focused on the 'number 7 is cursing us all' aspect of the challenge
  4. update, rules edited again. did good testing this time, I should rename this challenge to 'luring you into a false sense of security feat. 7'
  5. I might need to try it a bit more and alter the rules again or something. I survived to 30 days I think while testing? But I got crossing as my island so that probably contributed to it the most, shoutout to rabbits for keeping me alive (I'd also recommend making a new file if either starter has short-sighted or blind eyes, you could probably survive in almost any environment if you try hard enough but the eyesight is very difficult to get around) update after 10 runs of tests; I reached 30 days on one of the test files, but failed the rest around day 10-12. 5 were on hard, 5 were on killer. I only lived past day 20 on the crossing islands, so yes, it is the best island it seems. I'll probably change the rules once I find a balance between difficult and impossible
  6. I updated the rules so this challenge is actually beatable, I failed like 18 times this is probably impossible
  7. Chapter 13 - In the Dust Perspective of Slate and Nibluis Nibluis was constantly agitated. Slate had betrayed her! The mere existence of Nibhui made her scowl. She kept her distance from her disgraceful creation, despite Slate and Common wanting them to interact. Slate had talked to Nibluis quite a bit about changing Nibhui's name. It was accurate to Nibluis; but Slate thought she was a monster for naming her child as a curse. I've been his friend nearly his entire life, and yet he'll fight me for that stupid child that he's barely known! So much for loyalty. Nibluis sighed, approaching Common. This had to be done. "Common, I'm leaving. I can't deal with this crap anymore." Nibluis didn't hide her emotions in her voice again. "Wait! Really?" Common looked so pathetic with that look in his eyes. "Yes." Nibluis swiped a few berries out of Common's hands, who didn't fight back. "Keep that stupid excuse of a child." Nibluis' gems glittered. Green. How poetic, I'm like a Sanity without horns. The Children are really strange. They're like split versions of actual nichelings. Nibluis had anger, ambition, manipulation and sanity, although she hid them all. Everyone only shows either the Commons or all of the Evils, it's what makes us nichelings. The Children aren't nichelings.. they're just created for whatever sick games the gods make us play. Before Common could respond, Nibluis stomped off into the seas. But Slate raced over. "Nibluis! Where are you going?" "Ah! Glad you could join me. Out of here with these stupid monsters, coming with?" Nibluis grinned with teeth. Slate watched Nibluis from the shores. "No. You're the stupid monster." He seemed to let out a thousand emotions at once. The words struck Nibluis like an arrow. Did he really think that? "The Children aren't inherently bad, they're made to be bad." Slate reasoned. "They're not monsters, they're nichelings created to be monsters. You're a nicheling who has made themselves a monster through their horrible actions." Nibluis snarled. "Fine. Stay with your lovely criminals and that stupid waste of breath kid. I don't care." Guess you're a monster and a liar, you lovesick freak. Slate watched Nibluis fade into the distance. The sun was setting slowly. What a jerk, leaving behind their own child. I wonder why I ever stayed around her. Even this Evils group is better. Slate felt a tug on his tail, and turned. "Slate? When is mother going to come back?" Nibhui asked quietly. "She'll.." Slate couldn't respond, a lump in his throat. "She's going off on a mission to courageously save us from.. a whale.. she won't be back. It will take her entire lifetime. You're lucky to be the kid of a hero." Nibhui's shoulders dropped. "Oh." "Wellll. Since she's gone.. we can do what we want." Slate grinned, dying inside. "You could even rename yourself!" "I can?" "Of course. I'd say Nibshubi. Would fit you. Know what it means?" "No. Mother never taught me." "It means Red Blessing." Slate's new grin was genuine. "Want it?" "Yeah! That's a lot nicer than Nibhui." Nibshubi, the Red Blessing Kid of a Hero. She doesn't need a monstrous mother when she's got me and Common. We'll be fine.
  8. you can also use console to kill off nichelings, F1 to open console and then use 'takedamage 100' or something to kill em
  9. Even when not on Frozen Empire, the balance bears will never give me a break (Also, start your ages on age 14 to skip right to teen, too lazy to make another screenshot)
  10. excuse me- yeah dont ask why I hate 7 idk might be something mental disorder related not gonna get into all that I just really don't like it for some reason I cant explain it lmao
  11. Constant Change Fun fact: I was listening to music while writing this. When I started the Koi perspective part, Leaves from the Vine started playing What the hecK "You hear that?" Horizon looked out into the snows, speaking half to herself and half to Ghost. A faint scrunching of snow slowly became louder. "Pawsteps." Did the hunters actually come back? "Horizon! It's urgent!" Finch's gaze looked frightened as he glazed over Ghost, quickly looking to Horizon. "We were attacked." Ghost noticed a trickle of blood turning the snows red, coming from a scar in his feathered wing. "By what?" "Balance bear." Alecto had a large gash across her chest and shoulder. "Me, Finch and Koi tried to fight it off, but Arctic told us to get help. I don't know what happened next, it's all just a blur." Ghost narrowed his eyes, but kept his voice even. "Where did Koi go?" Alecto and Finch exchanged a glance. "She was right being us!" Alecto turned, a small glimmer of regret in her voice, but she turned to the snows away from Ghost. "Koi!" Alecto took a step towards the path behind the group, but Horizon grabbed her leg. "Koi is a- Koi and Arctic are smart nichelings. They'll be fine. For now, we need to heal you all up, and then I'll lead a search party to find them." Horizon looked at Ghost. "Get ready for travel." Ghost watched the group back into camp. He watched after them, then turned to the snows. I know what happened last time. You told these two to attack my family. I don't think I can trust you again. You killed those two, didn't you? Koi found it hard to adjust to a new life. Presumed dead, barely having lived, and forever indebted to nichelings who she had just met. But most of all, blinded and unable to see. It was almost humiliating to Koi. She was the daughter of one of the most dangerous nichelings on this island. And yet! Here she was, hiding out in a stranger's camp and at their complete mercy, having not been willing to kill a single soul. At least Bloom was here. She was an older teenager, close to the same age as Koi. And she certainly was nice. Today, Bloom did a 'brilliant' job of telling her about every nicheling in the Alliance. "Okay okay. I'm the daughter of Arrow (Brown on stump) and Crystal (pregnant heat body derp snout, idk which one they're like identical). But Crystal is pretty bad, she's mates with Orange (Orange mane spiky body being Arrow) now. They have Whitewash (White male with derp snout, child) now. And I think they're expecting another kid, but I don't really care about those guys." "Lilac (pregnant heat body derp snout, idk which one they're like identical), Harrier (Red with antlers) and Arrow all care for me! They're very nice, but their biological daughter, Kiki (Pink derp snout behind Harrier), is kind of a jerk! Klepto's (Red behind Arrow) still pretty young himself." Koi's mind throbbed. "Lots of names.." Bloom shrugged. "You get used to them." Koi wondered if she would get used to anything in this new, black world. (Bonus; new babies) Jasper is on the left, they're the child of King and Bumble. The peacock child on the right is the kid of Fire Ruby and a wanderer named Peonu, whose dead now. I need name ideas for peacock kid, quote this sentence and give your suggestions thanks
  12. Aka me trying to fight my overwhelming hatred of the number 7 by making a challenge of pure suffering Age Settings and Multipliers Baby, 7; Child, 7; Teen, 17; Adult, 47; Pregnancy, 7 Enemy, 7; Hunger, 17; Environment, 7; Healing, 0. Gene Settings Create a male and a female. They both must have the most dominant gene in every category, except for genes that don't have hierarchies, one paw gene that will be randomized, and colorations. One starter should have albinism and one should have melanism; set deformed paw into forbidden genes. See below for exact example. Gameplay Settings Start with 30 food and 15 nesting material. Tribe size limit of 17. Enable blind genes. World Settings Rules - You cannot add any new nichelings into the tribe. You can only breed with the nichelings in your tribe. No friendly bearyenas either. - Before breeding, randomize your mutations menu with this (made by unfeelingmetal5 on scratch). If you don't have one of the genes given, you have to reroll BOTH of the slots. If I get a purr snout and I do have it but also cracker jaw that I don't have, I have to reroll the generator and lose both genes for new ones. - The only way to get more genes is to get lucky mutations or getting them naturally, ex. collecting berries for nimble fingers. This also prevents the player from using flying creatures to survive begins staring down my Hummingbird Challenge - Every day after hitting day 17 that ends in a 7 (107, 57, 2867) has to have a bad event; roll numbers through 1-10. 1-2 means the youngest creature dies. 3-4 means the oldest creature dies. 5-6 means a random nicheling gets common cold (and likely dies). 7 means you have to sacrifice 7 nichelings. 8-9 means you lose 20 food. 10 means you have to sacrifice the next 7 nichelings born. if you forget to activate an event, you have to roll an event everyday for 7 days or until you move islands. (commands: takedamage 20, changeberrycount -20, activatestatuseffect commoncold) - Start a fire every time 2 nichelings unsuccessfully breed. (command: increasespawn fire) - Start on a hard or killer island; choose difficulty you want, then roll the amount of islands 7 times. The one it lands on is the island you go to. - When moving to a new island, roll the port amount 7 times. The one it lands on is the port you go to. You have to move to a new island every 70 days. - Don't murder me in your sleep for making you suffer We should delete the number 7
  13. My-Family-22-Nov-2021-205647563.html this should be it, not too much happening just some adoption here and there and a few new kids
  14. Chapter 12 - Teeth and Toxins Perspective of Slate Nibluis and Slate were stopped in their tracks as a bearyena charged from the grasses. Its teeth glimmered with hunger and its eyes gleamed a distant red hidden in pure darkness. Nibluis immediately leaped away. Slate sliced its flank, to no effect. He jumped backwards, before remembering that Nibhui was right behind him. Turning, brown and dark red fur streaked past him. Looking back, Outrage and Sanity tore into the bearyena's fur, Outrage full of emotion but Sanity without. Outrage ripped into its foreleg, slicing it with hind claws and grabbing its shoulder with their forepaws. They roared into the bearyena's face, before biting into its eye. Sanity leaped, spinning midair, and slashing its back. They kicked their hindlegs against it and leaping off, backwards, crouching upon landing and kicking its hindleg. It toppled down as it turned to try and grab them. The duo both leaped onto the fallen bearyena, blow after blow against every inch of its face, throat and stomach. The bearyena broke free, kicking off Outrage and turning to run. As soon as Outrage was hit, Sanity shrieked and roared at the same time, emotion surging over every inch of their face. They leaped onto the bearyena's back, climbing through its rough mane to reach its head, of where they sprayed its entire face with venom at point blank range. The bearyena shrieked, and Sanity hit it with a series of blows against its face. The bearyena finally fell, clawing at its face, and shrieking bloody murder. Sanity turned after falling off its back, their face in a distorted emotionless smirk before fading back into emotionless. Slate sucked in a breath. He'd never seen a Sanity fight with Obsession before, and it scared him to his core. Would he really be safe here?
  15. Discovery Sorry about not posting yesterday. I had a friend over, we did some stuff such as putting several of our enemies into hunger game simulators and watching them tear each other apart, and that's pretty high on my priority list. And also, sorry about this post being kinda short. I'll probably do a lot of posts in the next week or two because A) break and B) 1 year anniversary of this playthrough! Surprised it stayed alive this long. Lilac and Orange shoved their way through the snow, in search of food. The snows were rough, and the Alliance was running a tad too low on food to survive the winter. In a hotsprings, a figure of red-white fur that would've been invisible without the red bits was sitting. At first, Orange thought it was meat. He jumped over to grab it, but he stopped as he saw it clearer. Orange gasped. It was a nicheling, with red-white fur and heavy wounds. Lilac immediately dragged her out of the hotsprings, hoisting her up onto her back to avoid Orange's own spikes. "We've got to take her back. We can't let her suffer." She seemed to be asking Orange for permission, which confused him. "Of course we're gonna take her back!" He swatted snows out of his eyes. "Alright, you lead the way." Lilac's outline was barely visible against the harsh snow. Orange didn't realize exactly how much trouble the Alliance would face with this act of very understandable hospitality. . Bloom watched the strange nicheling in the camp one last time. She thought that red fur was a rare trait only held by Harrier and his new son Klepto, and the common nicheling was pink or white like the snows. Hare was legendary in her world. But today, the strange nicheling's tail flicked, and Bloom heard her gasp. Glancing over at Lilac, of whom raced over, Bloom lightly poked her head, as if trying to wake her up further. "Where.. am I?" The new nicheling rubbed her eyes. She tried to open them, but her eyelids stayed shut. "Oh my god! It can talk!" Kiki, probably the most annoying younger sibling in the world, shrieked behind Lilac. "Don't touch it, Bloom!" "Kiki, be quiet." Lilac cuffed Kiki's ear, and Bloom grinned smuggly. "You're in the Storm Alliance, child." The nicheling muttered something like 'Ifm noft a chifld' as she sat up. "The Storm Alliance? What's that?" Lilac was silent for a moment, and then spoke softly. "I think- I think you're the one who saved my sister's life. We owe you." "You don't owe me nothing! You just saved my life- wait, your sister?" Bloom's mind throbbed. "Yes. Sarcasm. Pink, without my heated body but with the same snout." Lilac pushed some meat towards the nicheling. "What's your name?" The red nicheling ate the meat quickly, responding between bites. "Koi. And I think I remember that pink one. She was shy." "Sounds like her." Lilac chuckled, as if remembering and suppressing a memory at once. "What happened to her? Word spreads quickly, me and the Alliance were gone before the attack." "She and the toxic ones left. The rest were dead, sadly." Koi's voice edged sorrow. "What kind of remedy did you put on my eyes? They're very heavy, and everything is dark." "Oh yeah. Here." Lilac ripped the plaster of clover off of Koi's eyes. Koi tried to open them, but.. Bloom gasped. Koi's eyes were broken glasses of white-gray. Koi was blind. Her world was eternally dark.. and her memories of sight were shrouded by pain and deception.
  16. Sorry abt forgetting to post last weekend- i was sick, whoops
  17. Sorry abt forgetting to post last weekend- i was sick, whoops
  18. Fox Heart ain't a good character by any means, but she does have a conscience that sometimes wins over and she does good things. she could still affect a tribe after death, but she certainly doesn't have to. Or be bothered enough to, in most circumstances.
  19. Chapter 11 - Nibhui Perspective of Nibluis Nibluis wondered how she could give birth to this.. thing. It must be because she's near the Evils. Maybe her child had been infected. "She's beautiful!" Common remarked, patting the child's head. Of course a Common wouldn't think poorly of anyone or anything. "Y-Yeah.." Nibluis forced a trembling smile. "What are you gonna name her?" Common looked at Nibluis, too bright and too excited for comfort. "Nib-" She is red. "-uh.." "After yourself?" "Yeah, yeah, that." Nibluis suddenly got a thought. "We'll name her Nibhui." Hui; a shorter word for curse. Named after me. My curse. "What a pretty name!" Common grinned again. "Slate!" Nibluis looked around, and the coral-orange nicheling came over. "She's very pretty. What did you name her?" "Nibhui." Nibluis had said the words hesitantly. Slate instantly knew what the words translated to, and shot a sharp glare at Nibluis. "Oh. Uh, interesting." Slate's teeth gritted and his gaze almost made Nibluis flinch. "Wellllllll. We should better get going soon-" "Awh, why?" Trickery grabbed Nibluis's paw. Nibluis swatted the scorpion-tailed nichelings paw away. "Because, we can't stay here forever." "Why would you want to leave Nibhui?" Common had the young nicheling sleeping into her fur. "She's old enough to survive on her own." Nibluis looked towards her traitorous companion Slate as he made no effort to speak. "A bird could eat her with ease. She's not safe." Trickery's voice was hypnotizing, and Nibluis shook her head, blinking rapidly to break the trance. "We can't stay here forever.." Nibluis could barely keep the frustration in her voice at bay. "Then at least stay until she's a teen and can decide where she wants to go." Common reasoned. "But-" "We can stay for a little longer..." Slate said quietly. What are you doing you useless lump of fluff!? "Okay, majority rules." Trickery grinned, practically dragging Nibluis back into camp. "3 to 1, you're all staying." Nibluis felt as if everyone was against her.. which was true. Even Slate?
  20. Fox Heart is an evil nicheling that comes back to life to cause chaos upon the tribes after her own original one abandoned her. Now, of course, in some lives she isn't evil and saves the tribe in some way. I'd say it depends on perspective, she could be cursed and be a curse herself because of it, and maybe seen as a curse to the tribes she's in.
  21. Frostbitten WAKE UP! Koi, wake up. They need you. Whose there- Koi jumped back instinctively as Finch lashed out again. She was surprised that it had worked, a jolt of fear reviving her, and whatever had been talking to her. But then the pain streaked through her bones again, and she gritted her teeth. The eerie blackness of the world was still shrouded around her. It was unnerving, fighting in pure darkness. Finch yelped, and then his voice became distant. Koi didn't hear anything, although Arctic's scent became stronger and the screeches of Alecto hurt her head. Suddenly, Arctic's scent became covered in the stronger tang of blood, and some sort of liquid hit Koi's face. It smelled like blood. Leaping up, Koi turned to run, but she hit several rocks behind her. She shoved them, trying to move them, when jaws grabbed her scruff and flung her onto the bare mountain. The surprise of the attack made the hit stronger than it already was, and Koi fell back into unconsciousness. Alecto felt a bit more hurt by her own feelings than the injuries Arctic had hit her with. Koi had always been a kind and bright nicheling, risking herself for others. Alecto had always gone against her, because, well, orders, but in reality, she was quite fond of the red-white nicheling. Now, Koi's face was covered in blood, and Finch had put a nasty scar over her eyes. From Finch's expression, it was clear he was trying to hide how bad he felt. But Alecto also stung from another betrayal and order.. killing Arctic. They had always been a nicheling Alecto looked up to. Alecto always challenged herself and told herself that she wanted to be stronger than the powerful, smart nicheling. While cold, Arctic had been kind enough to Alecto, and whenever she asked, would teach Alecto things. Alecto even thought that Arctic was more fond of Alecto than they ever let on. Maybe more than any other nicheling. Almost like Arctic thought of her as a child. And now that Alecto surpassed Arctic, they felt a sting of regret, the tang of pride, and the pure numbness that hit her. She'd wanted to be stronger than Arctic and make Arctic proud of her. But not in this way.. Arctic, forgive me. Alecto's head began ringing and her breath quickened. Ẉ̴̄h̵̙̆ȃ̶̞t̸̮̃ ̷̊͜i̴̠͐f̷̼̈ ̷̧̈́t̷̰͐h̷̟̿ė̴̮ỵ̵̔ ̶̹̃d̷̡̍o̸̞̊ṇ̶͛'̵̨́t̸͚͆ Shadows crept closer in at the edges of her vision. W̸̢͝H̶̖̔Ạ̶̗̲͉̖̟͌̑̄̃͗̚T̷̠̤̝̟͎̮͐͗ ̸̛̬̠̤̈̓̅͐͝H̴̲̖̀͌͒̔̉̈́Ȁ̶͕͇̼̞̓̾͠Ṿ̵̢͔̥̒͐́̄͆͠E̶͇̹̥̝̻̋͗̑ ̸̩̟̖̬͎͗I̷̦̼̥̭̾̔̋ͅ ̵͕͉̝͙̱̈̍̽̃̚D̴̥̞̘̹͍̥͛͂̋̂̈́̚Ơ̶̭̹͖͑̿͒́̑Ṋ̵͕̑̓̚͜Ê̶̟̮̲͗͐̏̊̔͜ "Let's leave Koi here." Finch broke into Alecto's thoughts. "Hmm-?" Alecto blinked, the panic-caused darkness and strange ringing that had been creeping in at her vanished. "Let's leave Koi in the hotsprings." Finch repeated. "Oh- uh, sure." Alecto tenderly grabbed the Red-white nicheling, avoiding looking at anyone in particular. The blood on Koi's fur saturated the snow, turning it scarlet. (Ignore the snow color, visual glitch) After setting Koi's unconscious body into the hotsprings, Alecto grabbed a rabbit, killing it instantly, and dropping its body down near the hotsprings. Finch nodded at Alecto, very clearly avoiding eye contact as well. Alecto couldn't bring herself to look backwards at the disaster she caused. No matter how strong I get, I am still the same coward I was before. She leaped across the snows hastily. I'm so sorry, both of you. Horizon, you are a real monster.
  22. yes. And then I traded em and now I'm rich :>>>>
  23. Not gonna be posting this weekend, its spooky season and I'm tricking and treating on both Saturday and Sunday. Double the candy haul.
  24. Not gonna be posting this weekend, its spooky season and I'm tricking and treating on both Saturday and Sunday. Double the candy haul.
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