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  1. Fine i give up, You seem determined to find a way for it not to work and with core design there's really no way to argue with that : /
  2. True, The suggestion is more towards bases not crafts and like turret drops for fast simple use so the don't fall over when they land and with the terrain gun it will most likely make the drone fall over due to uneven terrain and so on.
  3. True but the craft gets very large and for smaller pc's its more impossible to have more than one drone on the screen this just saves space and time and ins't op its just a small drone with 1 weapon 2 hovers or thrusters on the sides and that's it for smaller builds
  4. But that defeats the point of basicness really, With this press on button and boom done with that there's more planning and managing and block count then just placing blocks under you craft or turret drop ect
  5. But then you'd need fuel weapons batteries logistic parts and it will only stay in one place so then you'd need more logistics making it a drone and not a mini drone this makes it simple and easy to replace and just adds more options for weapons and drone designs.
  6. ... not sure if you got the point i was trying to make, basicly id be nice if there where more propulsion options thats really the main reason i suggested it
  7. Well that just makes it where the cursor is or where the weapons are pointing ( it is kinda not effective for what I'm suggesting it would probably build to much and interfere with the craft ) I'm just suggesting it be a block with a radius so for people who want to build bases or something.
  8. Nice, just wasn't sure how it would look with 2D models and such
  9. Yea i had a feeling i seen it before but i wasn't sure so i decided to make it XP
  10. No idea how this would go into implementing into the game but here go's there would be different types of hover small medium large and massive small would be for mini drones that are meant for scouting or have one weapon the hovers would be effected by gravity and how far away it is from terrain for exp planets with strong gravity it would be slower but not slow enough to where its worse then rocket thrusters this would be a good way for people to get around on tho's planets but with weak gravity it loses its effectiveness it gets slower and overall useless for normal gravity it would be about
  11. Not Sure if anyone's talked about this or not but wheels for surface drones it would be a simple connection point with different wheel variants like Magnets or wheels that scorched the ground ( not sure how that would work gameplay wise but there ya go ) with larger wheel types like massive one's that can move huge fortresses and others for smaller drone's like scouts and so on.
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