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  1. "Oh yeah, I'm r-real scared!" He wheezed out, trying and failing to hold in his laugh. "Don't worry, you'll be scary someday!"
  2. "You're the least scary bearyena I've ever seen." He teased. "Why don't you show me your mighty roar, huh?"
  3. Thettlethorn blinked some of the stray water droplets from his eyes, and couldn't hold back a snort at Jerry's fur. "You look like a fluffy little rabbil."
  4. "Wait!" Thettlethorn cried, nervously watching her in the water. "Be careful!"
  5. "I don't know..." He squinted his eyes at Jerry's for a moment. "Bearyena's are kinda heavy...and your fur doesn't look very buoyant..."
  6. Thettlethorn tried to keep up, stopping next to Jerry and observing the ports with a strange look. "I've never been off the island before..." He said quietly.
  7. Thettlethorn seemed distracted for a moment, staring into the trees, before shaking his head and following Jerry.
  8. SHES DONE Iceskip on Toyhouse PLEASE BE PROUD OF ME I SPENT HOURS ON THIS (also i didnt know what her theme song would be so i just went with one that i thought fit her well enough-)
  9. Gotcha : ) also I never mentioned this but I added Mistfoot, shes just in BrightClan and i completely forgot about her ghgheduhifseu
  10. i'll update again sometime tonight, but i have a question- I have a Toyhouse now (basically a character trading/storage website) and I'm planning to add in all the characters from this playthrough, but I technically need everyone's permission for some of them because of the characters that i dont own ehyufhehwbtdwefvedwvftr so if you're comfortable with me doing that and could tell me that would be great
  11. when i look at my art on a big computer screen i realize just how shaky my lines are wtf i guess that happens when you draw with your finger-
  12. Katumai


    Time to make a profile for literally every oc i've ever had ever
  13. Katumai


    I've joined the party Katumai on Toyhouse
  14. I don't have a proper picture of them, but they're the two platypus girls If you can't draw platypus beak I can find something else rehurfhie4hre
  15. I have some I could dig up real quick, give me like 2 minutes
  16. Falconpaw "Hey, are you alright?" Falconpaw blinked, angling his ear backwards towards his brother, not unlocking his eyes from the black and white apprentice. "Yeah. Why?" "You've been creepily staring at that guy for the past ten minutes, is something up?" "Nope." Falconpaw responded back simply, hearing Hailpaw sigh behind him. He and the weird apprentice had been stuck in some kind of staring contest for what felt like eons, and from where he was standing, it looked like the tom's sister was getting irritated as well. "Why don't you just go talk to him?" Hailpaw me
  17. i wont be able to write much tonight because Sims 3 has been downloading for literal hours and is only at 3%, but I'll try to get something out at least frhjufrif
  18. lets just say that the random generator really hates Iceskip for some reason
  19. ICESKIP FINALLY GETS THE GIRL and as for the Iceskip getting injured thing- yes but actually no
  20. like look at all this- (I covered up all the big spoiler stuff)
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