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  1. the roblox one? if so didnt the developer like Do something Bad [i have no idea what but i thought i saw someone saying they cant believe what they did or something like that]
  2. oh cookie runs, ovenbreak is the original one [well original that still exists], kingdom is the one most people are playing now, puzzle world doesnt exist,
  3. oh another cult to add to my collection? thats the 30th one then >:)
  4. Pakw ok thats a little cheating i accidentally pressed the shift button with them open OKs
  5. i forgot im not the rater but if i was 1000/10
  6. /exaggeration [the week part idk how long it was but it wasnt a week]
  7. how do i only have 34 notifications i havent checked them in like a week
  8. i forgot what i was gonna say
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