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  1. Green

    SFS art

    I mean I said mental age so technically yea
  2. Green

    SFS art

    Would anyone wanna do a Collab to this song? (will have a bunch of people if you guys want to) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6EQAOmJrbw (song includes swears and video itself has blood) It would include any younger (teen-ish in mental age) characters doing evil or mischievous or anything along the lines of that
  3. I made a new skin for north a dark purple hoodie Because blood will show up on yellow-
  4. btw, if you can all do it, I was thinking about doing big lore next weekend?
  5. oh my gosh- big deltaroom
  6. I am in a lot of pain from wellness (basically Gym) At least I destroyed everyone in floor hockey >:>
  7. yes I adopted him my child now
  8. we're still on so you can come chill if u want
  9. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    I managed to draw w e a p o n s (sword + axe lol)
  10. I'd go on but I promised my friend I'd play Minecraft on bedrock with her- I'll go on l8r tho
  11. Uh ok Green likes Skittles (so does GGreen) Clover likes saltwater taffy North really likes anything with chocolate
  12. Eevee and I are just chillin, doing incorrect quotes for Clover and c!eevee because funni
  13. Cause I have to do laundry so I don't get in trouble- I'm going back after
  14. If anyone comes on, I'd like to do a bit of lore I have planned!
  15. going back on with a new character! (Not exactly new, but I haven't used him on SFS yet)
  16. Pretty much just the lighting rod thing and I don't wanna reveal that just yet-
  17. Gonna go on myself now If anyone joins and wants to we can do some mini lore
  18. Yes Cottonmouth (Fishing tail, antlers, normal ears, normal body, claws, runner hindlegs, poison fangs) This is old art I gotta re-do it-
  19. she had to go so we left she is out new therapist >:D
  20. chillin with new member on SFS
  21. it is not can confirm I went in and chilled in the game alone for a bit more info on the game here btw-
  22. wait if you guys got crab game with me I could make a game for us maybe 👀
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