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  1. i will try and take a screenshot or something maybe u can figure it out
  2. (actually i have 3) Its a little villager family, i will allow Lurnu and Sireko to be adoptables if anyone wants them. also you don't need to add these characters, I just thought some villagers would be nice
  3. I think theres just somthing wrong with my niche files
  4. I found this kind of helpful, but in the end it didn't work. Thanks for trying though!
  5. Excuse me, but could someone walk me through this? i REALLY need help
  6. (out of rp, i would love to join but don't see any characters that i would like)
  7. oh. Thanks, that explains a lot!
  8. Someone Please tell me how roleplays here work. I was looking at one and had no idea what some things meant. Ex: What does adoptables mean?
  9. also sorry if it seems like i copied u
  10. my idea thats similar to this is right above! i think that our ideas combined together would be great!
  11. ik, its just i'm not used to doing it XD
  12. oh! ive actually looked at the eclipse tribe before, but when i had no account
  13. but again, how did we get to the topic of chickens and other birds
  14. and whenever you buy chickens, (where i live) you need to buy 6 or more
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