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  1. The Adam cut scene doesn't work for me either. (If you want to see the scene look Youtube for playthroughs. That way I finally saw it.)
  2. So, what are the best or the funniest names your nicheling have carried? It can contain custom syllabies or the usual syllabies but they have to be picked by the game. I got this one today. I'm using syllabies that are words (from Warrior cat names). So many e:s 🤣
  3. "Help! Bearyena ate me alive!" Looks like Bearyena moved to the place where meat eating plant appeared. And then the plant ate nicheling. I attacked to the plant. The plant died but the poor nicheling was then inside a bearyena! She actually could attack the bearhyena and I with other nichelings help I killed the beast, so nicheling was saved. But funny picture.
  4. I got beatiful vampire nichelings. So, I got a wanderer with a bat wing. I decided to breed flying nicheling. After a little breeding I got one, and for added bonus she had toxic body and sabertooth fangs! Unfortunately she was blind (although it looks nice). She has also a brother with bat wings, but he was different looking. And he was also blind. So I used all their mutation slots for normal eyes and bred them. And there she is, my perfect beatiful sparkly vampire nicheling!
  5. I just noticed the same thing and was reporting it, but since you have already reported this, I'm just adding this picture here. I haven't tested if this is just starter female. Not sure if they got the gene nowhere or they inherited it wrongly from father (when they would got y-chromosome.)
  6. I like that Sandbox has winnig conditions. However, it would nice to have conditions that would make you lose. You could make a harder challenges this way. Most of them would be like winning conditions, just as opposite. Minimum animals, minimum food and so on. For added, "Lose a gene" You pick up some genes, like poison fangs. Your starter animals have this gene. If your last animal, who has this gene even as resessive, deads, you lose. (I'm playing this way sometimes, but it would be nice to have this really a condition.)
  7. No, I didn't know about that. Thanks.
  8. I'm playing story. For added challenge, I decided that if I lose Home Island immunity gene, I start over. When looking which animals had this gene, I noticed that I had only one left, and he was going to die after that day. He had kids, but none of them had inherited the gene. I could only make two nearly females pregnant. Then I changed the day and hoped for the best. Both of kids had Home Island immunity. No need to say I was relieved.
  9. Have you read Warrior cats? Just in case you are not, the clan cats have names like Fireheart, Greystripe or Tallstar. Mainly things about nature and how cat's look like. So when I wanted similar names than yours, I searched google about warrior cat prefixes and suffixes. I picked up one list, added some words, looked for doubles, copied the list for male and female syllabies and called it done. A lot faster than doing the whole list yourselves. If there are big letters, you have make all letter small in Word, otherwise the names are like StarSquirrel or something. I noticed. Just using prefixes could work better, as suffixes has things like "foot" or "pelt", which look odd in the start of the name. By the way, my most Warrior cat name has been Dustfur. Edit. if you don't want use Warrior cats' name, maybe you could do the same with list of (human) nature names.
  10. I hope that this wasn't already done, I didn't know what to call this or what to look at search. The problem: the game tells some of your nicheling has parasites... But which one? The camera will focus on in some animal, but it would still help to know witch one if you already moved. Also, sometimes I "lost" nicheling. I move them in the river or and in the next turn I forgot that they are there because I can't see them. A few turns later I maybe notice that someone is missing (or get a message about parasites and then wonder who it is). The solution: status list of nichelings. It would list all of your animals and show their status. So Eve is pregnant, or Adam has parasites. Also, if you would click "Adam", it would search Adam in the map. If there's room, maybe it could show if your nicheling has moves left, so you could check the list before going to next turn. I think this place would be in the right side, where the messages are now (messages could be in the right up corner). Maybe you could see status screen when you click your animal number and then hide it the same way, so if you don't use it, it isn't in the way. I think this would help when searching nichelings and when you need to see easily which nicheling have some status.
  11. Oh, so this has been suggested already. I'm sorry. I tried to look but didn't find anything then.
  12. I don't know if this will have a difficult to do now when nichelings have already graphics that includes fur... But I would love to see different furs. For example, some fur/skin genes: Short fur: + heat resistance, - cold resistance Long fur: + cold resistance, - heat resistance, - water environment (wet fur weights) Either Thick fur OR skin and fat: for water environment And then maybe some other like feathers, slimy skin (like frogs have) and scales. Spiky body would probably turn to the spiky fur.
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