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  1. Pancake Currently drownng in both water and homewok.
  2. you didnt deserbe me You think you cn frgraat me, rodennt?
  3. First optimal breeder. Just need to get a male like her with immunity that I won't get sick kids from. I like that she's also got big ears recessively and some ram horns. Also, once she and whoever her mate is start breeding I'll need to get a kid with two bearyena claws and one with two nimble fingers, that way every kid will be guaranteed to have one of each. Right?
  4. Taellen and Taku are following another nicheling's trail towards the port (story alert!) and they think they're running away, but it was planned the whole time, and they're just going to a nice camp with a healing fruit and some bushes (which is actually pretty close to the port). The nicheling that made the trail is still there, and it'll probably keep going to the port so that they have a trail to get there. I have a few derp snout nichelings that are sitting in the water. Their only job is to get bitten by leeches and bleed so I can lick them and get the purr snout lol
  5. Continuing! These two girls will be the mates of this boy Still working on getting the best breeding pair for the next island. Again, the genes will be (hopefully) Bearyena Claw, Big Body, Nimble Fingers, Poison Fangs. (I also want to get black with white stripes and violet eyes but I need to focus on the more important stuff right now) Taellen and Taku's kids will probably end up being the ones to keep breeding. I'm not sure if I actually will breed Melen with him.
  6. Do I continue this or try a story mode type thing?
  7. Lord Momo Of the Momo dumasty, her momoness (sje/her_
  8. Moonstar Earrior vats chalenge master (sheher) Moonstar Warrior cats challenge master she/he One letter off-
  9. Moonsta Waior sats vhallemhe ,aye )jr/Jrt+ MoonsraeWaruir vats challenge master (sje/jer_
  10. @FawnCat I will! Or, I'll try. I won't give you an ETA because I would probably be late XD
  11. Hello there. We're the only ones online....

    1. Cloudscape -Any Pronouns-
    2. Rainwater


      Don't know why I decided to say that. Good night

  12. I really enjoyed drawing this when I finally got around to it (sorry about that wait). It kind of looks like a wolf... which is my fault- those are all I've been drawing lately XD @Tigerlily_On_Niche
  13. Use harder settings. The game is fine for everybody else.
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