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  1. 158... I used to think it was a lot.
  2. Happened to me too.
  3. Rainwater


    I only realized I should have reported it after I deleted it because Eve had gills.
  4. Rainwater


    I went into a story mode game and... Adam was a child for 4 or 5 days. When I found Eve he still had 115 days to live. She was a teen too, with the same age settings. I think some of my sandbox settings somehow glitched into story mode. I didn't think about reporting it so I ended up not getting a screenshot.... I'm not sure what else to do.
  5. Bearyenas have G and H immunities, so I had to include them somewhere. You can turn off the environment damage if you want. Bearyenas are hugs, so no lean bodies. If they even have tails, they aren't very visible. And they're hunters. They don't collect berries. Also, for the top question, yes.
  6. THE LUCKIEST GAME OF MY LIFE *opens new game* *Eve has nimble fingers, water body, and platypus beak* *nut tree and two berry bushes + a permanest right next to eachother* *I move after a few days to Tiny green* *Ports are connected* *Eve finds two clams and three water worm things immediately* AND THEN RIGHT AFTER I GET OFF THE PORT I FIND A CAMP WITH A PALM TREE, A NORMAL TREE, TWO TOXIC BERRY BUSHES AND A NORMAL BERRY BUSH Perfect time to stockpile food.
  7. But recessive bearyena legs. Their kids aren't very mobile.
  8. Also, on my challenge world, I killed a killer bearyena in one day. The hard part of this challenge is finding enough bearyenas (food) to not starve to death.
  9. (If you want you can give one of your starters a running leg so that it's possible to move)
  10. (I don't know where the pictures are going to show up) Basically, you are bearyenas. Island: Deadly Hills Rules: Kill rouge males. You can invite wanderers, but not breed with them. The only things you can breed with are bearyenas. You can't really win. This is just for fun.
  11. I named her Fireball already because she was an adult without a name.
  12. And orange, sickly, derp-snouted wanderer joins the tribe. So does Reta, a brown, spiky-bodied female with a short snout. A little boy named Grapefruit is born to Adam and Eve. Fireball gives birth to a derp-snouted female with the new male as it's father. We reachd the center of the Archipelago around when Reta joined. There is't too much food around, but it will be enough since there's also a nut tree. It is day 20.
  13. I moved to Tiny green. Going to archipelago. What should I do there? I'm thinking about going to the middle and making a base there to stockpile.
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