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  1. 56 minutes ago, RaanaTheBanana said:

    ooo yea video game music is cool. I used to only listen to video game soundtracks and lofi hip hop, lyricless music is real neat.

    you ever listen to the slime rancher soundtrack? i really like the music from that game.

    I played slime rancher

    I do like the music

    and the game. But I don't play it.

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  2. 14 hours ago, gamingcookie said:


    they die when you kill them doesn't work with not with that attitude they don't because it's saying that something DOES happen and it would be arguing against it I know that it was a joke but I am a grammar freak.

  3. Just now, Zixvir said:

    I don't have spotify

    I like game music

    mainly because It's one track with many instruments, but mostly because it has no lyrics to mess up

    so undertale, fnf, megaman, megaman x, megaman 0, megaman ZX, environmental station alpha, terraria.


    and also unique ones like minecraft and the longing.

  4. On 3/2/2021 at 5:37 AM, Philo said:

    @FawnCat I don't really know yet ^^
    If at all possible a hard copy would be awesome I think.
    Our current plan is to see if we can find a publisher and if not (or if we're not happy with the offered conditions), we would most likely crowdfund the book. Which would probably include tiers for both digital and physical copies of the book.

    does this still exist?

  5. 3 hours ago, RubyDreams said:

    here's a huge amount of screenshots so far.

    the world is amplified, the gamerules are set so that i don't take any damage from fire, drowning, or falling, and i have keepinventory.

    this is very op but its an interesting balance, as i can't "go home" by jumping off anywhere.

    falling faces the issue of having to get back up, but i can walk right through lava, and explore the ocean.

    i still don't have iron, but i have very extreme terraforming plans.

    my minecraft skin is The Shepherd from ENA, by the way.

    2021-06-17_18.53.42 (2).png

    2021-06-17_19.15.03 (2).png

    2021-06-17_20.21.35 (2).png

    2021-06-17_20.29.05 (2).png

    2021-06-19_18.01.45 (2).png

    2021-06-19_19.23.53 (2).png

    2021-06-20_15.56.47 (2).png

    2021-06-20_15.57.09 (2).png

    2021-06-20_16.44.47 (2).png

    2021-06-20_16.58.31 (2).png

    2021-06-20_17.20.08 (2).png


    since you have keep inventory you have nothing to fear from death

    you lose nothing

    so just mine

    and you'll find iron

    also strip mine because that has no danger

  6. On 5/19/2020 at 5:36 AM, Philo said:

    Hey folks :)

    We got a request to add dice roles to the forums to support your roleplay sessions!
    When making a new thread you can now active this:


    To include dice roles in thread. 
    And you can choose "Roll dice" when replying to such a thread.
    I set up the roles like this: 1-3, 1-6, 1-9
    But we can change it to something else if that makes more sense.
    Unfortunatly, this plugin does lot allow to have multiple roles with the same range, so 1-6, 1-6, 1-6 doesn't work.
    SO! Who rolls the highest total number at their first try :D?
    (Sum all 3 rolls into 1 number)

    the dice is no longer working.

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