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  1. this place is chaos and i love it.
  2. Oh yeah. Game needs soundtrack. I forgot that existed. Bet it sounds cool.
  3. And this is why I wis hthere were a plain smiling reaction.
  4. These people will be less sour ;-; XD
  5. We join her, I can post the thingy here
  6. My sister wants to play Among us with me, but i dont wanna leave you ;-; But she said that if you want, you can join us
  7. Ive been listening to Ballora's music box for hours and im not tired of it yet. im megic.
  8. 2! i feel safer when there's two.
  9. tell me if that turns into a yes?--
  10. Now I feel like playing again. But i don wanna play with all complete strangers, sooo anyone? anyone at all?
  11. Not sure how to feel 'bout that hand. That right there is strange.
  12. This thread is loooong gone, but this clearly isn't accurate anymore-- ahem ahem, the li'l thing under mah name Still a demigirl though. I just don't like being called a 'she' anymore. Physically feels weird.
  13. I really wish there was a plain smiling reaction. But I guess that's kinda 'like'.
  14. Can I just say. This thing looks COOL!!! The title is so cool it looks so cool. i like the colours =^w^=
  15. ... and now i dont know what to do with my life.
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