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  1. “Hello YellowJacket.” She said. ”May I come in?” She asked.
  2. You just realized that everyone in your family would either freak out or try to kill it.. -Run away -Put it back -Other
  3. (Oof) You opened your eyes to see a green room, it had leaves everywhere! -Crawl -Cry -baby noises -Do nothing -Sleep -Other
  4. She hissed and walked out the door, flying in the direction of YellowJacket’s House.
  5. It Licked your hand. ”Kee!!” It squealed. -Pet it -take it inside -Play with it -Other
  6. The Top of the thing broke off and now you were left sitting in the cold. -Open eyes -Cry -Sleep -Crawl -Baby noises -Other
  7. Phoenix was sticking out of Crow’s Backpack. -Zip up the backpack -Do nothing -Answer the door -Other
  8. She Made a Burbling sound and rolled over, Continuing to run around you. -Keep petting it -Play with it -Pick it up -Keep it..?? -Other
  9. It Bounced around you and rolled over. ”Keek!” She squealed, or you thought it sounded like a girl.. -Keep playing with it -Pet it -Do nothing -Other
  10. You opened the door to a small.. Sand dragon? ”Kee!” It squeaked, it looked like it wanted to play -Play with it -Close the door -Other
  11. Day 1 @Water bottle You wake up to squeaking outside your door. -Go look -Go back to sleep -Do nothing -Other
  12. “I’m going to yellowJackets house to study because I have a chemistry test tomorrow and I haven’t Studied.” She hissed, She was lying but her li3s were not easily seen through.
  13. “Momma, Can we hear a Stowy?” She asked, turning to her mother.
  14. “Yeah it was!” Rift said happily. the school bell rang before you knew it. ”Time to head home.. Cya tomorrow!” Rift said, walking towards his house. -Go home -Study after school -Other
  15. You pulled your foot back in and kicked again. It Broke! -Keep kicking -Wiggle -Scratch -Do nothing -Sleep -Other
  16. “Because I told you to.” She hissed.
  17. Inkwell rubbed their head against your shoulder. ”kee..” they said. There was a knock on your door. -Hide The Dragonets -Do nothing -Answer -don't answer -Other
  18. (Uhm they can either be a boi or a gurl, idc you can pick :p) ”Kee?? Kee?” Inkwell asked. -Pat Them -Hugs! -Let her fly -Other
  19. “Uhm, I want to know abowt herbs, so.. not weally, do you want to wearn with me??” She asked.
  20. You heard wingbeats outside the window, Inkwell was Flying! -Look -Do nothing -Other
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