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  1. Uhh, could you give me a time frame for when the lore might happen? I'm at my grandparents' house so I might be stuck here till 2 am if i don't find a way home /j
  2. If cookie doesn't want to then don't. Also I'm the one who'd give a character, not you
  3. A quarter of the thread is basically just me begging the forums to stop lagging
  4. It's okay! Don't feel bad about it
  5. Why do I want to draw a goth vampire version of Muriel
  6. @cookie -she,her- Cookie Gamingcookie, I'm summoning you. Are you still going to join this? It's fine if you don't
  7. Modiano


    Your pfp unsettles me
  8. I don't have screenshots rn since I'm on mobile, but I noticed that the mammoth foot appeared on the opposite paw than the others (ex. Claw is put on the first slot, appears on the right. Mammoth foot is put on the first slot, appears on the left)
  9. Okay how do I convince my parents to get a snake
  10. Picked it up at the last save and it's going better
  11. Til that there is such a thing as shed snake skin jewelry. I know how to make it. I just need a snake or gecko
  12. there's no need to rewind the realm
  13. I can help with rebuilding
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