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  1. Have them as bases because i'm too lazy to draw Wetland Baltic Tangerine Darkness more will be added soon
  3. "I... wanted to show you a drawing..." She showed you this picture, seemingly a drawing of you. "D-do you... like it?"
  4. A student, Rosie, walked up to you. She gave you a shy look.
  5. Adam IV, child of Adam III and Tiakoma, born on Peaceful Meadow(?)
  6. it's a challenge, when the first male baby with home island immunity is born, he must leave the island with his siblings. Doing good for now
  7. "Hm, I might give Eundo a try. He's very strict though... But I think he might do it."
  8. Adam, the founder Adam II, child of Adam and Eve, born on Eve's island Adam III, child of Adam II and Diatane, born on Tiny Green
  9. "Another one of these." She huffed and threw it into the trash bin.
  10. She stood from her chair. "If it isn't Dragon." Shining Star purred
  11. Qui nodded and walked off. -TIMESKIP- 7.00 -- You were right before the doors to Shining Star's office.
  12. "Yeah..." She tilted her head. "We were planning to, but we had to get out because Neila got sick." Neila was the flying instructor, who was pretty favored by the students. "So, uh... Everyone else is busy, so I think you might need to replace her... Also, you've got mail." She pulled out a letter out of her leather pouch.
  13. 06.40 -- You ran headfirst into Qui, a retired teacher. Even though she was retired, she still liked to hang around.
  14. He didn't stop screeching. Heck, he screeched louder. (can you also please quote me when you respond?)
  15. Spring 1, Monday 06.20 Waking up -- @Peanutpup77 You were hard asleep in your room, which was a part of the teachers' tower. You bolt awake from the sound of Hawker's screeching, Shining Star's pet bluebird. His job was waking everyone up, exactly at 06.20 AM. -Wake up -Stay in your bed -Tell him to go away nicely -Yell at him
  16. it's so long i can't even remember what i had in mind then so do you want to make one or should i do it for you?
  17. Btw this isn't completely dead i still have faith in this topic
  18. nah, i don't read the books and watched only 2 movies
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