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Pouncers are slightly smaller than an adult big bodied nichelings, but slightly larger than a medium bodied nichelings. Pouncer's body shape is the head of a clouded leopard, the body and legs of a black panther and the tail of a cougar. They are a dark mossy green color, light brown belly, and many small light brown stripes on their torso, back of their head and upper part of their legs. 

Pouncers will only attack nichelings with 2 gems and under. Pouncers attack your nichelings in the night, like bearyenas. They attack by sitting in any type of tree and waiting for your nichelings to fall asleep underneath the tree. Once your nicheling is sleeping under the tree, the pouncer will leap down and attack your nicheling. The attack from pouncers are oneshots to your nichelings. Pouncers can only kill 1 nicheling per night and will despawn after 5 nights. Pouncers are pretty rare.

Pouncers will not attack nichelings with spiky body, toxic body, or armored body though. You can tell if a pouncer is there by smelling for it, as pouncers don't make any noise. Nichelings with wings can attack pouncers and they drop 30 food. I hope you liked my idea!




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I don't think they should despawn, but maybe after 5 nights in a tree they have to move trees, and have only a certain number of movement points so they may end up on the ground for a day, giving your nichelings a chance to kill them. They should maybe have some defence (if u attack it'll do some damage to your nicheling) or armour like armored bodies and should hide in grass when on the ground. If there's another tree nearby they'd just go to that tree in one move (kinda like jumping from tree to tree) and then stay there for five nights. Also they'd eventually die (maybe in like 20 turns and if they're on the ground would drop meat, but if in the tree the meat would de-spawn/stay in tree). But that's just my suggestion :) This request should be added anyways as something you have to look out for with 2 gemmed nichelings

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